Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well, I survived spring break week!  My kids weren't on spring break (and they complained every day), Mitch wasn't on spring break, but one of my daycare kids was and was here every day.  I did back-up care for a new family, so that added 2 more kids to our crazy bunch.  It was busy!  I have one more busy week with the new family, and I look forward to settling in and doing some nesting after that.  So hang in there with me...I'm pretty tired and don't have much free time.

I thought I would give a little update on the things that I've gotten done.  First of all, I've scaled back on reading for a little bit.  I'm choosing only children's books to read for review, and my library list is going to wait until I have more time.  I still have a great Earth Science curriculum to review for one publisher, and I'm waaaay overdue for getting it done.  So hopefully you will see that this week.  I want to really dig into it rather than just skimming.  From the start it looks GREAT and I'm feeling very blessed to have it.  The challenge is to answer the question:  Can someone like me actually use it?  Because it is chock-full of experiments and projects.  Which I stink at.  I sure hope that I can pull this one off, because I plan to go through all of it with the kids after the baby is born. 

Scrapbooking never happened.  I so wanted to get some scrapbooking done before this baby came.  I would love to get back into it again.  I want to especially get down memories of Malachi and Tirzah's first years before time gets away from me, but it's just not going to happen at this point.  I'm so sad.  :(  The time will come eventually...

I have been sewing like a crazy woman in the free time that I do have.  It is time well spent.  I made too many Little Cheekies newborn fitteds for the baby, and ended up selling some in my store (there are actually a couple left if you need any).  I made a few covers, and had to stop myself before I made too many of those also.  I had a couple gender-neutral diapers to hand down from Tirzah, and I made a couple more to round that out.  So here is his stash for the newborn stage:

   Total count is 18 fitted diapers, 9 covers, 5 pocket diapers, and 1 all-in-two.  They are SOOOO cute!!

Malachi and Tirzah have been using both the dressers in the nursery, but only Tirzah sleeps in that room.  I did some moving around so that Malachi could use a dresser downstairs.  He has graduated all the way to being a big boy.  ::cry::  I washed all the baby's clothes (and the diapers too) and got them put away in the dresser.

I finished crocheting another blanket.  This one is a little smaller than the first, and it is softer too.  I like both blankets.  Different blankets for different purposes!

I knitted another little baby hat with a blue and white yarn (no browns).

I used up tons of scraps making diaper wipes.  We don't need all those wipes.  They are perfect for giving away as gifts or sending along with diaper orders as something a little extra. 

I also used up some flannels and made burp rags, and even changing pad and a blanket.

With Kristin and Kelly's help I made my own swaddling blanket based on a popular blanket you can buy in the stores for about $30.  Their babies were great models for trying it out for me, and they loved it.  :)  Why not just use a regular rectangle blanket?  Are you kidding me??  Look at all the fabric I have here!  (Ok, so don't look...I don't want to take a picture of my messy piles).  The swaddling wraps are pretty darn cool.  Mitch is good at swaddling, but I'm not so good at it.  The wrap makes it almost fool-proof.  Google online to see some examples.  I made mine to be used without velcro--it's long enough that it will hold baby in snugly all on its own.  And no, I'm not selling them.  First of all I'm not interested in selling them.  Secondly, I'm not that good at making them.  Finally, the style I chose happens to be patented.  And if you haven't known me long enough to know about patents, well, don't get me started (as Kelly did, LOL).  You don't want to know, trust me.  ;)

Next I started on more diapers in the next size up.  I made 12 small fitteds and 6 small pockets.  They are equally adorable (but no picture yet).  I think by the time baby moves up to smalls I will also start him in one-size pockets or all-in-twos.  Probably pockets, because I don't want to do all the snaps for all-in-twos.  =P  So I will start by making 6 of those soon, but eventually will work my way up to having 24.  Only one problem--I'm running very low on snaps.  I placed an order from China, and I'm stalking my mailman not-so-patiently.

I am happy to announce I bought a camera lens like the one I wanted--yay!  I did not pay the price I wanted.  Boo!  I paid about $30-40 more than my original max price, but still nearly $90 less than the new price.  Whew!  I am also stalking the mailman waiting for him to bring me my new lens so I can play.  I really had bad luck with auctions.  When I looked at completed listings from just a couple weeks before I started shopping, there were some really great deals.  Of course, once I started bidding, the prices on all the auctions went up about $20-$30.  Isn't that how it always seems to go?  Everyone wants what you want.  The auction always ends for $2 more than you were willing to pay.  =\

I haven't had any good luck with the flash I want.  I can still buy it new from Sam's Club for about $224.  Ouch.  I have been watching auctions like a hawk.  It is seriously crazy.  A used lens will sell for well under its new value but a used flash doesn't?  How does that work??  I see auctions all the time that exceed $220.  Sometimes they get as high as $250 for a USED flash that I could buy NEW for less.  Crazy!!  I guess I expected a lens to hold its value better than a flash.  But I'm learning.  Maybe.

I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Monday according to my official, calculated due date.  I am 36 weeks according to the ultrasound due date.  I am chomping at the bit here.  I got a waterproof mattress pad put on my side of the bed (in case my water breaks in the middle of the night...or in case I'm just too tired to get up when baby punches my bladder, LOL).  I also got the baby bassinet placed beside my bed.  Oh--and I sewed a new sheet for that too!  It's yummy and soft microfleece.  See?  I told you I was sewing up a storm! 

I have had some good practice contractions and put my hypnobabies tools into practice as well.  One really bad night/day I had 4 leg cramps (charlie horses) over a span of 12-16 hours.  When the first one hit I didn't want to use my hypnosis tools.  I guess I was afraid it wouldn't work and I would be discouraged.  When the second one hit, I was like "no way", so I put on my earbuds and listened to a track that helped me relax.  When the 3rd one hit, I did use my tools without listening to a track and the cramp ended very quickly.  By the time I got to the 4th one, I was beyond annoyed but also feeling much more confident about hypnosis.  I asked Mitch to do one of the cues by placing his hand on my shoulder and saying "release."  It may sound weird, but it worked instantly.  The cramp stopped quicker than ever. 

Well, it's supper time, even if it is Saturday and I need to be back on duty here at home.  It was nice to stop by and give an update.  :)


  1. I totally didn't mean to set you off on patents but didn't mind learning something new.

    My baby seemed pretty happy to test drive your new blanket.

  2. Wow, you did sew up a storm! Good for you :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I used to have LOTS of leg cramps while pregnant. I read somewhere that I should up my calcium supplements. I did and it did wonders. If I was faithful in taking the supplements, no leg cramps!

    Hope your having a great day!

  3. Thank you! Yes, I have been taking calcium supplements but with care. I had kidney stones during one pregnancy, so I want to avoid taking more than 1500 mg of calcium per day. I watch my diet carefully, and if I get less than 1,000 mg in a day then I am *supposed* to take 500 mg at bedtime. But I'm not always faithful. :) Some days I manage to get almost 1500 mg in just from my diet, so on those days I can skip the bedtime supplement. I am taking calcium citrate with magnesium and vitamin D. I'm going to have to be more disciplined about it.

  4. Love LOVE those nb fitteds! Must have...