Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1 Week Postpartum

I wanted to do one more just for fun.  :)  Judging by the previous pictures, and the clothes I can fit into, I suppose I look about like I'm 18 weeks pregnant still.  I have lost 15 lbs since last Monday.

This first week with Obadiah has been SO busy.  I haven't answered emails I should have answered, or made phone calls I should have.  But I feel like I've done a lot.  Well, I guess I have done a lot!  And I have hardly put him down at all.  I love these newborn cuddles and I love not having him on a bili-light!

Today we got some more good sun.  The weather outside was deliciously warm and we actually got to sit outside again.  The kids played outside for hours.  I wish it would last...but they say to expect cold again.  Soon.  Summer will be here soon.  His color looks perfect, especially considering the bruising on his face.  His eyes are very yellow still, though, and have some hemorrhaging that will take a couple weeks to clear up.

These next 3 pictures are for Patrick.  Tirzah discovered the Fruit Ninja game on my ipod.  She's a pro already!  LOL

 Wonder where she learns this stuff from?  Such drama!

In other news, I saw the dentist yesterday.  Back in December I noticed a "tender" spot on the roof of my mouth.  It only hurt if I pressed against it.  They wouldn't do an x-ray because I was pregnant.  A few weeks ago I noticed the spot had developed into a bulge that could be seen.  I wasn't imagining things!  I began to feel like one of my teeth near the area had shifted, because my bite felt different.  I was slightly concerned, but since I was so close to the end of the pregnancy and not in pain, I didn't call back to the dentist.  As soon as we were home from the hospital I did, though!  Yesterday an x-ray revealed a "mass" over the incisor (canine tooth)...and the tooth was "wiggly".  I said, "So it's not all in my head!"  Oh...but it is...LOL...but good to know the tooth has really moved.  The two teeth on either side of the incisor both have roots that curve up and into this mass.  The dentist's guess is that one of the teeth has a dead nerve, which has allowed bacteria to creep up and form this mass.  The solution is to do a root canal, which will clean it out and as it heals the cells in that area will reform the bone there.  Before he does a root canal, he wants to make sure there is actually a dead tooth and which one it is.  It could be a cyst and not related to any of the teeth there.  So next week I go to see an endodontist.  I had never even heard of an endodontist and I'm not familiar with the electro-something or other test he is going to do on the teeth.  I don't even want to think about if I will experience pain or not (from that or the root canal or whatever needs to be done).  But I think that perhaps I need to keep my hypnobabies tracks loaded on my ipod in the meantime.  :)


  1. Chase had a cyst removed from his mouth too. It consisted of the same stuff that teeth develop from... weird stuff!

  2. I've had a root canal...no sweat :)