Monday, April 04, 2011

38 Weeks Pregnant

Dropped!!  The baby's head is firmly engaged in my pelvis. 

This is definitely not all roses.  They say that when the baby drops it is nice because it's easier to breathe.  I wasn't having a hard time breathing before.  They say it is not nice because it means more pressure on your bladder and you have to pee more often.  Yeah.  I think I would have been fine just waiting for him to drop when labor begins.  Besides, he is so big that he still has no problem crawling up under my ribs and taking my breath away.

The baby was VERY active last night after I went to bed.  He would not settle down for anything.  Pushing, stretching, rolling, kicking, and I have no idea what he was trying to do with his hands!  But there was SO MUCH pressure on my bladder that I got up FOUR times in ONE HOUR to pee.  It was unreal.  I have never had so much trouble.  But I couldn't stay in bed, no matter how much I tried to convince myself that my bladder was not full and did not need to be emptied.  There was definitely that screaming, burning pressure that comes from having a full bladder.  Thankfully after a while he finally settled down and went to sleep so I could too.  The rest of night went normally--getting up only about every 2 hours to pee and not the crazy uncomfortable feeling of before. (I'm positive I do not have a bladder infection...seriously, it was the kid's movements.)

Before I went to bed, Mitch was watching a video clip on Kathi's blog called the Matrix: birth of the chosen one (or Neo Dies).  The hero goes inside this bad dude's body, then you can see him crawling around, stretching out, and finally bursting completely through.  Pretty cool if you understand what the Matrix movie is about (it's all basically computer and not real).  After a few minutes of reflection, I said, "You know, that is EXACTLY what I feel like!  Like this baby is going to be birthed without even having contractions!  He's just going to burst right out!"  LOL

We went grocery shopping  yesterday.  I was sore and tired when we got home, so I went to lay down.  The baby would not stop moving, so I basically could not get comfortable no matter what position I tried to rest in.  It is crazy uncomfortable!  Thankfully I feel better this morning, otherwise I'm not sure how in the world I would survive today (and the following days until labor begins).

While we were gone to the grocery store, the kids worked hard to clean the house.  They vacuumed nearly everything--which means that the floor got cleaned up completely.  It was very nice to come home to--they did my nesting for me! 

I have no idea when this baby is going to come.  I do know that it will be 2 weeks or less.  :)  We won't go past my "official" due date of April 18.  I do have some fears that the baby is big already.  I'm glad the doctor didn't tell me her guess.  It is crazy to go through these feelings of anticipation and waiting.  One minute I feel like I have to be done--NOW--and the next minute I feel peace and patience, knowing it took me a long time to get to this point and it's almost over.  It will all happen so fast and be done before we know it.

I wish that when you take a pregnancy test, the test wouldn't just show up "pregnant" but would also tell you the exact birth date.  Wouldn't that be something?  Just kidding.  It's cool to reflect on the beginning of life and to think about God's design.  He has made things the way they are, and even though the world seems crazy out of control, He is still sovereign and in control.

I see the doctor again this afternoon, and I'll probably update after that. 


  1. You made it to 38 weeks! So close to the end :)

  2. When I was pregnant and my daughter's head was literally "right there", I found a ton of relief in getting on all fours, arching my back to the ground and sticking my rear end in the air. It seemed to force her head off of whatever she was resting it on, and it felt awesome. The only problem was that it wasn't possible to stay like that 24/7

  3. Did you end up having the baby? I see you're about 12 days past this blog... and I can only imagine.

    I'm at 38 weeks on Sunday and I can completely relate to this post. I'm praying that it comes a little early, but you know it's going to do what it's going to do. :)

    Good luck!