Friday, April 08, 2011

Coming Home

We were discharged Thursday morning.  It seems so early to get sent home when he was born so late at night on Tuesday!  His bili level was only 8.8, so we were not discharged with a light.  Yay!!

Our little monkey is so long that he probably will only be wearing this outfit for a couple weeks.  His discharge weight was 7 lbs 14 oz.  We could hardly get out of the hospital without everyone stopping us to admire our baby and his blanket.  It was so cute because everyone asked us if he was our first baby.  :)  It's great to be that young...and so fun to watch their faces as we say "Eighth."  And that opens up a whole bunch more questions.  Sometimes I get tired of all the questions, but most of the time I really enjoy it.

The kids were so excited when we arrived home.  Before I could get from the car to the house I could hear their excited screams, "Mommy!  Obadiah!"  They all crowded around the carseat right in the entryway to see him.  It was great to be home.  I celebrated by taking 2 long naps with Obadiah.  :)

Later Papa brought Eva over to visit and meet Obadiah for the first time.  Don't you love how all the kids gathered around to hear a book?  (By the way, asking your exchange student to read a book to your children is a GREAT way for them to practice their English when they first's also a great way for them to bond with your children.)

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