Monday, April 11, 2011


 {Darn it, my nuk doesn't taste as good when it's upside down!}

 {Practicing the Vulcan Mind Meld}

 {Concentrate...nuk, stay in!}

 {Peace out, dude}

 {One more minute, Mom}

 {OK, try this again...concentrate...Fist, stay in!}

{Ah!  Who let HER in on my photo shoot?!}


  1. I LOVE the last one!! Totally priceless. The look on Obi's face is awesome. Maybe he should use the force to keep his nuk in :-)

  2. Kelly, I'll get Caleb right on that--teaching him how to use the force on his nuk. ;) You made me laugh and wake him up now...great. LOL Maybe he wants to go watch Zeke play Lego StarWars???

  3. Great pictures, especially the last one!
    This boy is an actor! ;-)

  4. Awesome pictures :-) really cute
    the last one is the best and tell everyone in your family hi from me