Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pictures (and the SB-600)

I GOT IT!!!  I got the Nikon SB-600!!  I'm so excited (can you tell?).  If you ever read my twitter posts on the right-hand side of the screen, you already know that I got it.  ;)  I don't love twitter, but have an account for posting book reviews...adding it to my blog was a fun little trick because I can post "tweets" from my ipod touch at whim.

Anyways, back to the SB-600.  I said I would like to get it for less than $200.  If I got it for $150 that would have been a bonus.  I watched auctions for weeks on ebay.  I have an ebay app on my ipod that I can save searches to.  It checks every hour, and if new items are listed in my search it sends me a push notification.  So I set it to watch for buy-it-now listings under $200. I was thrilled when one popped up for $175.  I bought it now and waited not-so-patiently for it to arrive.  I figured that I saved close to $65 vs. buying new from Sam's Club ($224 + 7% tax + shipping).  It arrived in perfect condition.

Now I just have to learn how to use the flash.  If this goes well, I'm going to sell the 28mm lens I just bought because I really just don't need it with the 18-55mm lens I already have when combined with the new flash.

I have been practicing so much that the kids are sick of it.  If I tell Tirzah to "smile" so I can take her picture, she won't even look up at me.  Instead she keeps doing what she is doing and obediently says, "Cheese."  LOL

Mitch got a new "toy" too.  Well, actually it is for our whole family, and our whole family is thoroughly enjoying it.  It is a monster-sized treadmill.  We got it used to be in the Army!  It is one heavy-duty treadmill and should survive anything we ever try to do to it.  Mitch and the kids are keeping track every day of their distances.  Mitch usually walks/jogs/runs several miles a day.  Here he is playing xbox 360 while he walks.

 Found Tirzah put herself to sleep one day.  Very cute.  It's a good thing pictures don't smell, because just before she fell asleep she dirtied her diaper.  I had to wake her up to change her, but thankfully she went right back to sleep.

I cut Eden's hair a few weeks ago after I got mine cut.  She also likes to have hers straightened, but I don't always have the energy to do it.  I've done it twice this week-yay!  What's crazy about curly hair is if I cut crooked, it won't show up.  But when I straightened it, oh boy I could see my mistakes!  Thankfully I evened it out and it actually turned out really nice.  In this picture, Eden is holding the flash off to the side.  I still need to learn...but it is pretty darn cool that we can take the flash off the camera and still get it to fire!

Josh is always willing to stand and smile while I take a picture, adjust my settings, repeat the picture...I'm so glad because otherwise?  I'd have to take pictures of soda cans and other still life or landscapes.  That stuff is for weanies...try catching a moving kid!!  :)

Today I gave my camera to Mitch with it set on "P" (program-sort of like an auto mode) and the flash set to automatically do its thing.  I wanted to make sure he could use it without fuss and get a good picture.  I was pleased with the color tones (this is unedited except for reducing the size).

And Mitch knows he had better be a willing subject...he's always good at making some kind of face at me!

So I do love that the flash is pretty easy to use as far as automatic settings.  I find the formulas for figuring out manual settings to be a little more difficult ( the math person wrestling with a simple formula).  One thing I love about using this flash is that if I have things set up right, the eye colors just SHINE...showing up truly.  I really do love that.  One thing I hate is when it is not set up right we may get harsh lighting (typical from a flash), under or over-exposure, and/or shadows.  Oh to learn quickly!!!  :)

It's something to keep me distracted while I wait for baby...who is still not indicating he is going to come.

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