Sunday, April 10, 2011


Friday evening friends of ours came over (Todd & Karri) with their newborn, only 4 days older than Obadiah.  They brought pizza and dessert!  It was a fun time.  But I wasn't feeling so hot.  I guessed it was because I had been so busy earlier that I had just overdone it.  Around 1:30 am I asked Mitch to bring me some Tylenol and I checked my temp because I was shivering--100.0.  I woke up later sweating, but my temp still at 99.8.  Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get up and get a shower.  But that was short-lived.  Diarrhea soon hit me and I was out for the count.  Thankfully Obadiah was more than happy to hang out in bed with me, so I pretty much slept the entire morning between feedings and trips to the bathroom.  By late afternoon I felt ok to get up and sit on the couch, but trips to the bathroom were still frequent.  Ugh.  As evening closed in, I noticed my body felt hot to the touch.  I checked my temp again--101.0.  So I put in a call to the doctor just to make sure I could blame it on the virus and not worry about a looming infection.  She assured me that I was safe to wait until today and if not better then be seen at urgent care.  Overnight my fever broke for good, I woke up drenched in sweat again, and this time a much more normal 98.6.  This morning, though, was Mitch's turn.  I figured it wouldn't be long...if it takes me out, it usually gets him too.

Couple the sickies with the dark, cloudy weather we've had the past two days, and I haven't had many good photo-taking opportunities nor sun-bathing opportunities.  Our weather was supposed to be in the mid 60's for highs, and if it were I could get Obadiah out and hope that some of those rays would make it through the clouds.  But our highs have been in the mid 50s and windy, so it's just yucky.  :(  My little boy is a little yellow!  He's still eating and peeing and pooping really well, so I'm not worried.  Let's hope the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday is more accurate than it was for this weekend!

I do have a good flash, so maybe this is my chance to put it to work.  If I get anything good, I'll update with photos.  :)  Pray for good health for all.

Update to add my photo attempts:

 {Obadiah's first cloth diaper!  This one was chosen by his daddy.}
 {And now with a cute cover to match.}

 {He really had a lot of facial bruising, so his face is naturally going to be more yellow.  See the purple bruising on his eyelids still?  He will change so quickly each day as this all gets better!}

 {Sleeping soundly swaddled in a wrap I made.}

I'm still trying to get the hang of this flash.  It's hard because pictures will look *bright* enough on my camera playback screen, but when I view them on the computer I know they're not really as bright as I want them to be.  I am unhappy with the results I get from my flash when it is in automatic mode, so I've been trying to guess my way through the manual modes.  I think I need to keep practicing...or maybe try to figure out those formulas after all. is waking are some pictures of Tirzah and her puppy while she was being a willing participant.  I would talk more about the lighting, but there's no time!  :)

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  1. So sweet! What a cute diaper and cover. Sorry to hear you all are a little under the weather. Praying for a speedy recovery for you all. Blessings.