Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some pics from Easter

Happy Easter!

We have had a fun, full, busy weekend!  A quick run-down:  grocery shopping Saturday morning, cooking Saturday afternoon, more shopping late Saturday, and ending the night with dying eggs.  I found some good deals on some dressy items for Eden so she had something fun and "new" to wear today (thrift store finds).  What I did not find:  Robin's Eggs.  I looked for the little malted wonders at FOUR different stores before finally giving up.  Apparently I should have bought my Easter candy earlier in the season. 

 {We had around 20 or so boiled eggs...some cracked.  We also blew the yokes out of other eggs.  Kathi was an expert!}

 {Obadiah is dressed for the occasion!  Love the expression!!}

This year, like last year, we didn't bother with digging out the Easter baskets from the garage attic.  We got the kids' shirts and made "nests" out of them.  To improvise for our lack of "Easter" candy, we pulled out leftover candy from that *other* holiday...the one we don't celebrate...(it starts with an "H")...LOL.  And we did have some Easter candy, just no Robin's Eggs.  (I'm still a *little* bitter about that).

The special surprise, though, was the great baskets that Kathi made for us.  Everyone had one.  It was filled with candy from Germany.  How cool is that?  Her parents have showered us with chocolates and treats.  We are so spoiled!  And you know what?  German chocolate really is better than Robin's Eggs anyway.  My kids don't know how blessed they are.  :)  Her gifts also included a German flag and a huge map of Germany...I can't wait to hang those on our wall!  Who needs interior decorating?  We're a homeschooling family! 

 {Carefully counting them out...}

 {Wonder who will get to eat his???}

More pictures to come...later...too tired right now, and the older kids just put on Passion of the Christ, so I want to go watch that.  It's a great way to end our holiday!  :)

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