Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special Gift for Obadiah

This actually arrived a couple weeks ago.  I'm just delayed in writing this post.  :)

Kathi's parents sent a special package just for Obadiah.  It was really neat, so I had to share!

 I have never seen these before.  They are called Der Pucksack.  It is very similar in use/function to the sleep sack that is more common here.  It wraps baby comfortably and keeps him warm without a blanket (which can get kicked off or increases the risk of SIDS).  I like the soft knit band at the top and the great colors.  Having something from Germany is extra special!  Also included, a cute sign a la "Baby On Board"...only in Deutsch, a card for Obadiah, and some yummy kinder chocolates--yay! 

 {3 weeks old}

 The hemorrhages in Obadiah's eyes are slowly fading.  The white part of his eye still looks a little yellow.  I can't wait for that to fade, too! 

He even closed his eyes for a second so I could show you that the bruises on his eyelids are finally almost gone, too.

A huge 'thank you' to Kathi and her family for their kind gifts!! 

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