Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar (or as good as)

{1 week old}
If you click to zoom, you can see the hemorrhage in his right eye really well.

 Big sister begs to hold him constantly.

 She loves him so much.  She is like a little mommy.

 He likes her pretty well so far, too.

He's almost smiling at me here!  The other day I got two huge smiles out of him...followed by a nice, big burp.  Such a boy!

One question I often find myself asking new moms (out of habit) is, "Is he(she) a good baby?"  Since I'm currently the recipient of that question, I find it difficult to answer.  What is a "good" baby?  I mean, they're babies, after all!  This morning I think I got my answer.  Baby boy woke, ate, stared happily for a while, then fell asleep.  While he slept peacefully in the middle of the living room, everyone else ran around him chaotically in their normal way.  I showered, got dressed, started a load of laundry, scheduled 6 appointments (3 different phone calls), and blow-dried my hair.  THAT is a good baby!!  :)

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