Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tirzah Turns Two!

When I was pregnant with Tirzah I sat and looked around at my kids...and I imagined a cute little blondie standing up in the high chair yelling at everyone else and making them all laugh. 

When I went to my 20-week ultrasound, I tried to prepare myself to hear that the baby was a boy.  I was mostly worried that I might cry...because I really wanted another little girl, but definitely didn't want to be sad about the blessing that God was giving me no matter the gender.  I was surprised when the ultrasound technician said "this one's a girl" and the tears flowed.

We have had a really FUN two years.  I'm so glad we named her "Tirzah Joy" because she has been a joy and a delight.

She's a mess.  Learning to talk, and go potty, and copying everything we do.  She's SO observant! (Not like her mama).

She's also a Daddy's girl.  He's not a push-over like her mama, but he's a lot of fun for sure.

{Remember this diaper?}

My neighbor brought over this beautiful dress just a couple hours before our party began.  Tirzah LOVED it.  My neighbor didn't even know it was her birthday.  What a blessing!  :)

She's a goofy sort of princess, but that's exactly how I imagined she would be when I was pregnant with her.

At first she wasn't sure about blowing out that candle.  After she blew it out, everyone cheered.  Papa suggested Mitch light the candle and we try again.  So that resulted in several repeats.  She was having a LOT of fun by the end and asking for it to be relit.

Everyone brought toppings and we had ice cream sundaes.  They were INCREDIBLE.  I was stuffed, and I didn't even eat that much!  :)

 We gave Tirzah a magnadoodle for her birthday.  She loves to draw!

 Papa and Grandma Marilyn gave her this cute little doghouse stuffed with her favorite--PUPPIES! (In the picture she brought out a couple other stuffed animals to add to it.)  She was so excited.  So was the real puppy--Amirah--Tirzah was very stern with her that she must not touch her puppies.  :)  It was super cute.

It was a great evening!  Right, Micah?  :)

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  1. Oh my gosh! So adorable! All of them! I started missing everybody reading this post, Steph. Micah and Alex really are getting to look a LOT alike. Especially the chin, wondered where he got it. Must be a Theis thing lol.

    My favorite is the one with the rolled tongue sticking out. Love the goofy princess look!