Friday, May 06, 2011

1 Month Old

Obadiah is 1 month old! Funny how fast 1 month comes after 4 weeks.  :)  I couldn't resist doing more photos of him yesterday.  I have in mind something that I want to capture, and I didn't quite get it.  Still, it's always fun to look at a cute baby!

{This is the last time he'll ever wear his coming-home outfit.  Actually I only put it on him to try to get a good picture of it.  It is getting really short, especially over the cloth diaper!  I will pack it away and it will be the one outfit I save for him.}

Obadiah saw the doctor today.  He weighed 10lbs 13oz.  That's only 4 oz more than Tirzah weighed at 1 month, but it's over 2 lbs less than Malachi weighed at the same age!  Honestly I am relieved.  Malachi was such a lug to carry around!  Obi has been really really fussy the past few days.  He has also started spitting up somewhat regularly.  I'm convinced he has reflux, I'm just not convinced how it should be treated.  My doctor said she would let me choose if I wanted to try meds or not.  She said it could be a virus or just a growth spurt.  So I decided to give him a few more days to see if he gets better on his own.  If not, she can call in a script for me later.  His sleep has been interrupted and he is definitely uncomfortable.  Sleep at night is the most important to me.  It won't take me many days to decide to try the meds if he doesn't get better.  I can also try to eliminate all dairy--but as it is I don't consume much dairy.  My diet hasn't changed either.  One very interesting thing she told me is that pyloric stenosis develops over time.  I assumed babies were born with it.  She told me the signs to watch for (mainly projectile vomiting at least once per day), as that is something very serious.  I think we're just dealing with normal reflux here.  Several of my other kids had very similar symptoms.  I thought we were out of the woods because I could count on one hand the number of times Obi had spit up, and he was taking such good naps.  Wednesday when he started being fussy after each feeding and spitting up, I was really sad.  Poor baby.

{He is so tiny on Mitch's shoulder!  I was getting ready for bed, then walked out to see this.  It just looks funny how small he is in comparison.}

And what could be better than a dandelion bouquet from a 5-year-old???
Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I love your pictures: they are amazing! You have all of the talent of a professional photographer! My favorites are photos #1, 4, and 6. Obadiah is so cute and so (of course) are the rest of the littles.