Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adventures in Gardening

We are starting our garden later this year, because spring came later. We should have had our plants started indoors already, but we are late with that as well. We'll see what happens! I also didn't get any "before" pics. A couple weekends ago Mitch and Micah worked hard to clean up the old straw bales from the yard and rake the weeds and dry plants in our raised garden leftover from last year.  Then Mitch and his dad Paul went to get new straw bales.  On Monday they "tilled" the garden by hand and planted seeds.  We also started some plants indoors (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.).

Check out the look on Tirzah's face:

This is what she's looking at:

They kept trying to get her to touch it, but she wasn't going to have anything to do with it!  Even Kathi tried to get her to touch it...
Can you see everyone?  Well, everyone except me and Obadiah...of course I'm taking the picture, and Obi is on the blanket next to me.  But everyone else?  Count them...that's what I always do!
Mitch tried again to get her to touch the worm...
Check out the dirty little piggies:
And tiny little oak leaves...

Mitch planted sunflowers, corn, lettuce, carrots, green onions, and radishes in the raised bed garden.  We planted thick and will have to thin out the plants when they come up.  Last year our carrots didn't come up at all, but hopefully this year will be different!

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