Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catch Up

I don't like posting so many posts at one time, but it's just how crazy life is at the moment.  Here are some pictures to bring you up to speed (thanks to Patrick for motivating me to get caught up!):

 Yay for finishing little projects!!  Mitch and a few of the kids got these hung for me in our high entryway.  I don't claim to be an interior decorator.  It just doesn't run in my blood.  These are pretty cool, and they work for me!  :)

 We celebrated Mitch's birthday at home with just us.  As the kids headed to bed, Mitch and I went out to Mexican Village for a free birthday meal.  I suffered terrible heartburn.  (Note to self:  do not stuff tummy then head straight to bed.)  Adventures in potty training continue:  we always try to get underwear on, but sometimes there are no shorts.  Tirzah also battled a bad case of constipation.  It was terrible.  I would gladly put off potty training for the time being, but she still insists on stripping down and going potty. 

Eden wore this outfit 10 years ago!!  It's one of the few special things I saved.  SO fun.  :)

Obadiah makes all kinds of cute faces and is learning to smile.  He's getting cuter every day.  :)

Malachi is very affectionate towards Obadiah.  I don't usually let him too close, because he's just too rough.  :)  Obadiah will be one tough cookie!
Malachi is impersonating Han Solo, and Obadiah has put on his best Jabba-the-Hut face!!  =D

{Forced brotherly love}

We celebrated Memorial Day on Sunday with friends the Bergrens and also with Holly and Kyle's family.  Look at all these kids!!!  We left up the birthday decorations from Mitch's birthday because Malachi's is on Thursday of this week.  :)  He is so excited.  On Monday (Memorial Day), I went shopping at the thrift stores because they had everything 50% off.  We snagged some good deals.  After that I went grocery shopping, then I picked up Malachi for a special trip to Wal-Mart.  I bought him a birthday present from us, and I let him spend his money on some other things he wanted.  He had a really fun time.

Update on house stuff:  Well, our water heater works really well.  Our cleaning/purging is moving along.  Mitch is very excited about how organized the garage is getting.  He insists that I pretty much won't see him the rest of the summer because he will be playing in his garage.  I said it's about time.  LOL, ok so I didn't really say that.  But I am happy that he will be able to work and play with his tools.  I know that girls and boys are different, but my feelings for my sewing room must be comparable on some level.  Our lower level is still pretty much destroyed.  Our church is having a garage sale next week to raise money for their Abba Fund--a new fund set up to provide interest-free loans for people who are adopting.  I have piles and piles of items set aside in my basement to take to the garage sale.  Also our carpet is not laid back down yet, so the items from that bedroom are still spilling over into every other room.  I'm SOOOO anxious to have it back together.  I still need to switch over clothing for a couple of the boys--Zeke is getting close to wearing size 8, but his summer shorts are all size 6.  Ufda.  Josh doesn't have any summer stuff out yet.  I can hardly get in their room anyway, so what would I do???  The to-do lists are out of control. Some days I can't even focus on the task at hand, because my mind drives me from one thing to the next chaotically.  I'm trying to take it just one day at a time, but I find that my heart is much more like Martha and very little like Mary (Luke 10:38-42) these days.  I'm so overwhelmed at times that all I can do is be grumpy.  :(

Well, my time is up.  I could sit here and write at least one more post.  But maybe there will be time tomorrow??  We'll see.  Right now Micah pretty much made lunch all by himself.  I'm sure he'd appreciate my help serving it...

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