Monday, May 02, 2011

May Already??

It can't possibly be May already.  It's still snowing outside!!  I think it's really March.  Someone just got it mixed up.  Right?

We had a really busy weekend.  All boring stuff and not really that worth reading about.  The weather has been cold and cloudy, so I haven't been in a good picture-taking mood either.  I have a few for you, just so you know we're still here.  :)

 The younger kids, including Tirzah, got to go shopping with Daddy AND get some candy.  I let them eat it on Saturday morning at about 10a.m.  Tirzah's not even changed out of her jammies yet.  That's what Saturday mornings are for!  Josh is playing Wii in the background.  That's also what Saturday mornings are for.  They're a mess.  :)

 Staring Caleb down...

My cowboy has a little bit of newborn acne going on.  He's still pretty cute.  He'll be 4 weeks old tomorrow and a full month old on Thursday!  He'll see the doctor on Friday for a well-child checkup.  He's sleeping pretty good.  I usually get a couple long naps out of him during the day.  Most of the time he sleeps well at night, just getting up long enough to nurse and fall back asleep.  Every now and then he decides he wants to stay up a little longer.  He has a hard time with gas bubbles, but responds very well to gas drops.  And he loves his pacifier!  The hemorrhages in his eyes are all gone now--yay!  I think his skin is still looking a little dark (he's just ready for the rest of us to get a good summer tan and catch up).  His hair is looking lighter. 

I saw the dentist today and had a root canal done.  It was my first ever.  It wasn't so bad.  Worrying about it was worse.  I even had bad dreams last night!  I do need to see an oral surgeon to have the cyst removed.  They initially said I would have to be under general anesthesia.  I hope that is not the case...that just makes everything more difficult.  I'm waiting on the dentist who would do the surgery to look at my information, then call back to tell me what needs to be done.

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