Thursday, June 02, 2011

Egg Drop

Mitch got to do a fun project with his 5th grade class at school.  The other 5th grade classes participated also.  They had to build a "contraption" or package that would protect an egg if dropped from a very high place.  The high place of choice was the bell tower of the Catholic church across the street from the school.  Mitch climbed to the top of the bell tower on a series of ladders and platforms--he said it was very much like a scene from the National Treasure movie.  :)  He and one other teacher then measured the distance to the ground--59 feet--which would be approximately 6 stories high.  Then he hoisted the packages the kids had prepared up the tower by a rope.  (I thought someone really should have designed a pulley system as part of this project.)  Mitch actually had to give each package a little push when he dropped it, so that it would clear the building and bush below, and the aim was for the sidewalk.  Out of 19 eggs, 14 of his made it--his class had the highest success rate of the 3 classes.

One significant detail to note is that Mitch is afraid of heights.  To make it more complicated, the day was windy with gusts of wind up to 20 mph.  Here are some great pictures of him up there.  Being able to do this project really made his day, I think.  :)

 The packages with parachutes were really cool.  One package had two parachutes and got caught in a spin where it hovered and fell slowly to the ground.

 Sometimes the eggs didn't make it.  The kids cheered as eggs went "splat".  LOL.  There were some really funny stories.  So while the point was to protect the egg, a good show in breaking an egg was also fun.  :)

One of Mitch's favorite packages was an egg sandwiched snugly in between two of those air bladders taped together that are used inside packages as fillers.  It hit the sidewalk, bounced, then rolled into the grass, all the while keeping the egg safe.  A couple of packages that made us chuckle involved a raw egg and normal bed pillows with nothing to protect the pillows from getting egg on them.  Those children were confident the egg wasn't going to break!  Mitch provided the kids with plastic baggies to put their eggs in "just in case".  :)  

I wasn't there for the egg drop, but I really enjoyed looking at the pictures.  I love that the kids were able to explore and learn--allowed to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.  I felt the joy Mitch expressed as he described the event and each package his students made.  He described to me recently the anxiety he feels when he is in the classroom.  I know part of that comes from a desire to be doing an excellent job--he feels a significant amount of pressure to help each child in his care succeed.   I'm thankful that he pours so much of himself into his students.  He is a great teacher!


  1. I remember doing that experiment in 5th grade. And my egg did not have a safe journey to the ground. Still was fun, though.

  2. sounds like a fun experiment & like Mitch is a great teacher.