Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Pictures today!

Today after church we headed to the Klemens/Munsinger Gardens to take pictures.  I have been wanting to go for weeks.  We didn't end up spending time actually IN the gardens like I had hoped (there is never enough time!), but we did get some great shots on a spot I had scouted out earlier.  It was technically in the Riverside Park, but heh--you can drive through the gardens to get there.  :)

Everyone knows it usually takes me a bit to get my camera set up and on the right settings.  I take a bazillion pictures before I'm ready to get "the" picture.  Then when I'm finally ready, everyone is usually "done".  LOL.  So this time Mitch took a bunch of kids for a potty break.  Some of the older kids had a pinecone war.  (Reminded me of the corncob fights we used to have with our cousins.)  I took the opportunity to nurse Obadiah also.

It was a cloudy day.  I liked the nice, even lighting, but I should have used my flash to brighten our faces a little more.  Proof that I'm still learning...

 (Micah is holding Obadiah on his lap in the picture cute.)

I loved this picture (above).  I tried to randomly space everyone.  By the time I got the smiles I wanted (below), some squirmy kids didn't stay in place, LOL.  But it works anyway!  I'm actually sort of fond of the personalities displayed in the one above.  :)

Tirzah was adament about NOT smiling.  She was definitely ready for a nap!

 That's it!  That one (above) was "good enough".

 Such a brave big girl...
 High five...
 And so serious, too!

 Auntie Hope with Obadiah

Caleb requested a solo photo so he could have a picture for his blog.  :)


  1. Love the first pic of the whole family... especially Josh and Tirzah. :) Fun!

  2. I love all of your pictures! You're a great photographer! Someday, when I get married, I know who I'll ask first to be the photographer!

  3. Great family pics!!!