Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Having some fun...

We're kicking the days around here, trying to have fun in spite of the cool, cloudy, wet weather. 

Caleb is using his Jedi mind skills to move the ball through a series of hoops in this "Mind Flex" game.  I think it just might be a little hokey, but the kids are determined to prove me otherwise.

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Marc are here.  Malachi has a new bike to ride and he LOVES it!  I wish the weather would cooperate so we could ride bikes more.

Kathi gave Mitch a sweet Father's Day card.  It had all these little origami boats inside and he had to put them in order to spell out a message from her. 

Karen found a good-sized radish in our garden ready for eating.  They have been doing a ton of work in the garage.  I'm not sure what all they have accomplished, but the garage really does look good.  I will try to take some pictures soon.  I wish the sun would come out.  Perhaps Mitch will give me a final report of their accomplishments at the end of the week.  :)

Kathi is getting more Obadiah time now!  She is getting the hang of being able to calm him down.  It is always good for me to have an extra set of hands to hold him while I get things done.  She was holding him while Caleb and I worked on a special project.

I already mentioned that Caleb won the "Edible Turtle" contest sponsored by his favorite author, Donita K. Paul.  The prize was matching aprons for us.  He has read the entire DragonKeeper Chronicles book series.  Mrs. Paul's website has lots of fun things to read, and he enjoys doing that too.  It also has recipes to try.  He has been begging me for weeks to do one with him.  When our aprons arrived in the mail, I had him settle on one recipe and made sure we had everything we needed.  He chose Old Fashioned Mullins (from DragonSpell).  The one ingredient we didn't have was light cream, so he had to be patient until I could go to the store.  It was so hard to wait!  Even when the cream was in the fridge and ready, he was still struggling to wait.  :)  Finally on Monday night after everyone was in bed we had a chance. 

Caleb got out all the ingredients and utensils we needed.  He helped me measure, pour, and mix.  Karen helped me fry them.  Then Caleb was in charge of sprinkling powder sugar on top.

Caleb got to try the first one...he said they are good.

Everyone enjoyed sampling Caleb's mullins.  We have enough cream leftover to try another batch.

Tirzah is a nut.  :)  She loves her pockets.  She also loves her some chocolate.  Such a sweetie!!

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