Saturday, June 25, 2011


I apologize that it's been so quiet in my corner of the blogosphere.  :)  I have been very thoughtful and contemplative recently.  My thoughts are turned inward, and I've been examining my heart.  I've wanted to share many of the thoughts that I have, but they skitter and flit away almost too quickly to get down. I rarely have the chance to sit and write when the thoughts hit me.  So that's where I am...I'm not having a bad case of writer's block, I simply am living real life.

We are leaving soon to go on our big trip.  We can't wait to see family we haven't seen for years.  We are also looking forward to soaking up the majesty of God displayed in His wondrous creation.  It is going to be an incredible trip!

But tell me, how DO you fit 11 people into a 15-passenger van, with all the camping gear and clothing and other items that they will need for 12 days?  How do you even pack for that many people?  My packing list is veerrrrryyyy long.  We have to plan for 90 F in Yuma, Co, and 30+ F nights in Yellowstone National Park.  Last year when we went on our big trip we planned on eating out or eating with family, and we didn't haul any cooking gear.  This year we will have 3 full days in Yellowstone, so we have to haul cooking gear (at least a minimal amount).  It's going to be quite the ordeal.  I'm having a hard time thinking about anything else.  In the meantime, though, Devona is going to be running daycare for me, so I have to also plan meals, etc for that.  Really, I just can't hold a thought for more than 10 seconds at a time!

My mouth is healing slowly.  It was very swollen on Thursday and Friday.  Today was better.  I have some bruising.  Now that the swelling has gone down it feels more sore and the stitches are very irritating.  I seriously didn't think it was going to be this much trouble!  Since the swelling has gone down I have a better idea of what areas were actually worked on.  I have stitches above/around 4 of my teeth, so that is a fairly wide area of gums that were pulled back.  There are stitches on the roof/palate of my mouth that bother me the most.  It feels like a piece of fishing line stuck in there.  It's all mostly annoying, even if it is sore..."annoying" doesn't really interfere with my ability to get things done, so that's good.  I haven't needed much for pain medication except an occasional tylenol, so that's good too.

Karen and Marc, Mitch's mom and step-dad, were here all week and left this morning.  They worked on many projects throughout the week.  Since my head is crowded with everything else, I'm a little foggy on the details.  They spent a lot of time in the garage.  Mitch has cabinets and other things hanging in order all over the walls where he didn't before.  It looks really good.  I tried to take a picture, but the lighting just wouldn't work out right for me.  Maybe later when my head clears.  Our weather this week was pretty yucky.  The sun finally came out on Friday.  The kids were SO glad to be outside, and I was so glad to have them out.

Here are some pictures...I need to go to bed!

 {Tirzah hated the swing earlier this year when we put her in it, now she loves to swing again.}

 {Carrots, Lettuce, Corn, Sunflowers.  We harvested some radishes this week, too.}

 {One of the tomato plants we transplanted promises to survive a little while longer...but it's so small, I wonder how it could have time to produce anything!}

 I opted to just *take* the group picture rather than be in it with my swollen, bruised face.  It's so much easier to take a shot when standing behind the camera.  Tirzah wouldn't smile though.  Turkey.  The boys tried to tickle her to get her to smile.  Brothers!}

{Karen and Obadiah}


  1. All I can say is.....WOW!!! Maybe you need a small trailer (Uhaul or borrow one) to pull behind the van if possible. Will praying for a peace and a calmness. HAve a great time!

  2. I can not IMAGINE packing for a larger family!! I have two children and when we go camping our vehicle is stuffed. I think that Tara has the right idea-a trailer would make your lives a lot easier!
    I hope your mouth heals quickly!