Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A really BIG surprise!

Mitch's sister Hope was pregnant and due 10 weeks after me.  Her due date was coming up on the 26th.  She has had several ultrasounds and expected a girl.  She called on Monday morning to let me know her water broke.  We were so excited.  She progressed slowly throughout the day, but she did progress on her own.  I woke up early on Tuesday morning to hear she had her baby.  A call came soon after that and Mitch answered.  I was confused.  He said something about a BOY.  I didn't believe it for a while.  She had a BOY!  It was so funny.  He is perfect and healthy.  Kristin and I drove down to the cities last night to meet him for the first time.  There is something SO miraculous about seeing new babies, but also about watching a woman transform into a mother. 

 Paul and Marilyn brought this awesome shirt to Hope!
 "I'm cute not crabby"

He is unnamed since since his parents were caught by surprise.  :)  He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz--same as Obadiah--and was 21" long.  He was such a good boy to try on a newborn Pampered Cheeks All-in-Two for me, which fit perfectly.  :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! See, another example of why I never found out gender to begin with :) Who knows when they will be wrong!