Thursday, June 16, 2011

The week in pictures

The week's not over yet, but here are some pictures anyway. :)

Zeke is holding the first radish of the season.  I must have caught him mid-blink though because his eyes look silly.  :)

Baby carrots in the raised-bed garden.

Malachi says he does not think he will try the radishes.

This is a work-in-progress.  The storage shed to be under our lower deck.  It needs a roof and a door.  Then Mitch would like to paint some lattice and put up to make it a little "prettier."  I like prettier. The cement blocks are not held together in any way, so that is why we did not fuss with getting them level and perfect.  I think the plan is for this to be moveable if needed.

Weeding time.  Mitch is sitting by a row of sunflowers.  The radishes are in the bottom corner.  The area to the right of the radishes is lettuce, which will most likely produce.  The area to the left of the radishes was onions, which didn't come up.  Micah is sitting by the baby carrot tops.  Zeke is by something else--we forgot exactly what, but I think is a different variety of lettuce.  Eden and Mitch are inspecting the row of corn that is after the sunflowers.  A lot of seeds didn't actually come up.  We were kind of surprised and a little disappointed.  Adventures in gardening continue!  We may plant the seeds, but it is God who causes them to grow.

Transplanting cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers with helpers.  Mitch also tried planting a bean in each straw bale to see if it could grow and climb along the fence.  

Two good helpers

You know what's going to happen next, don't you??

Now see?  It happened!  He hit his thumb with the hammer.

Caleb is learning to skateboard.  At least he has the hair for the job!

Zeke is riding the bike with only one hand!  That's good balancing.  :)

Tirzah also has good balancing.  She's riding side-saddle.  :)  A little while before this she called out to me, "Mom, watch." Then she stood up on the seat.  That really was good balancing.  By the time I got my camera the magic of the moment had passed.  She's still pretty cute, though.


  1. Your garden looks great! It must get a lot more sun than mine, making the veggies grow faster. I barely get 6 hours of sunlight, which definitely hampers growth.

  2. Steph - an idea for the roof of your shed - I know they sell panels you mount between the joists under your deck at an angle to create a dry (mostly dry?) space underneith. I know I've seen them but I have never had a reason to use them. Just thought I'd share incase you hadn't heard about them.

  3. You have a lovely blog. I have enjoyed reading about your family.