Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Beautiful Drive

Out of the mountains and back into the mountains again was a beautiful drive.  Most of these pictures were taken through the van window as we barreled down the highway...with 10 hours of driving to do, plus minimum stops for gas, potty, and lunch, there was no way we had enough time to stop every time I wanted to take a picture.  The landscape changed so quickly.  We barely made it 5 miles before I was ooohing and ahhhing again! 

 It is difficult sometimes to get a perspective for how large these cliffs are.  Look for trees to get a sense of the enormity!

 I loved how the land could be dry and empty, then all of a sudden you would see a grove of trees.  Most often it was along a river.

 We were driving in to Yellowstone on the 4th of July.  That was probably our biggest bummer-we knew we were missing out on the celebrations and fireworks.  If we had known before what we know now, we would have planned on camping in Cody, WY, that night and going to see the rodeo.  As it was, we stopped for gas and kept on trucking.

 Perspective again...huge house looks tiny, mountain in the background, dotted with trees, is enormous.
 Could you imagine building a road up this thing then driving on it in the winter?  You probably wouldn't.  This mountain looks like its own topographical map!

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