Tuesday, August 09, 2011

At 4 months old, Obadiah weighs 16 lbs 6 oz.  Everyone says "He's so big!"  Yes, he is.  He has got some thighs on him.  But he's still 2 lbs lighter than Malachi was at 4 months old.  Whew! 

Obadiah sometimes sleeps 6-hour stretches at night, and sometimes he doesn't.  He often takes a really long nap during the day (3+ hours), but I can't predict when it will be.  If I *feel* like he will take a long nap, then leave the house, he will promptly wake up.  Not only that, he will feel like he napped for hours and hours on end and he must eat RIGHT NOW.  That usually means I am supposed to come home immediately to feed him.  Yep.

Obi is fascinated with his hands.  He loves to look at them, play with them, suck on them, and try to reach things.  What a fun age!

Obi is also very fond of moving.  He rolls over both directions.  Put him on his back, and he'll be on his tummy right away.  He pulls his knees up under himself and tries to go places.  Sometimes he is successful at moving either backwards, forwards, or sideways.  Bonnie was here today and she said that in about a week we'll be needing to keep the gate closed at all times.

Obi is LOUD.  He loves to talk, squeal, or just shout at us.  I posted a video on the 5th of his antics.  He just loves to hear himself, I think.  Oh boy...here we go again...

Obi also likes to stand up with help.  Sometimes he will even make "walking" motions.  This is a newborn reflex that normally disappears soon after birth.  I think my little guy is just determined to MOVE.  He is strong, he is just ready for the balance and coordination to go with it.  I don't suppose I will be encouraging him to walk anytime soon, though.

Ever since he was born the kids have been trying to play "peek a boo" and other games with Obi (especially the ones where they jump in his face trying to surprise him).  They don't understand that it's not fun for him yet.  The little surprises actually scare him, and he isn't quite fond of that feeling at the moment.  But he's getting better.  He looks for his siblings and tries to get their attention.  When they are looking at him, he smiles and tries to interact with them.  He is forming a bond.  It is soooooo sweet!

In spite of his healthy weight and good nursing sessions, the boy does spit up all the time.  It is so icky.  I feel bad for him.  I have him on a generic version of zantac and I have also been taking him to see the chiropractor.  Nothing seems to make him spit up less.  If he's awake, he'll spit up continuously from one feeding to the next.  I do think the zantac keeps him feeling more comfortable and happier though.  Either that or the few times I have forgotten the meds I associate his crabbiness with a lack of medicine.  He has seemed happier overall since we started the meds, but we started them just before he turned 3 months old and some babies just become happier around that age anyway--it's a developmental thing.  I don't know if there's any way to know.  I'll talk it over with his doctor when we go in next week.

Well, he also poops and pees a lot.  He wears size small and some one-size Pampered Cheeks diapers during the day and he wears size 3 disposables at night.  On that note, I'm off to do a diaper change for him!

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