Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kathi's 17th Birthday

We are still bummed that Kathi was here for 50 weeks and we missed her birthday both last year AND this year.  Not fair!!  So we had a celebration for her anyway.  :)

Ok...since we had her for 50 whole weeks, I suppose it *is* fair that she got to have her birthday at home.  It would have been better if we could have skyped, but she wrote to tell me what an AWESOME birthday she had at home.

Oh and a couple more thoughts:
1) Chocolate will officially be Kathi's birthday cakes around here. (Whereas Patrick's is most definitely vanilla).
2) We had a nice little rain shower today, a lightening show this evening from a distant storm, and a breath-taking sunset.  The sky was amazing!!  There were all different colors, and the clouds--oh how incredible they looked!  It was just too much to take a picture of, but I sure wish I could have.
3) I have killed at least 7 mosquitos while staying up late to get some computer work done.
4) Make that 8 mosquitos.  It sure is taking a long time for this video to upload...
5) Ok, that's 9 now.  And you know how you smack your hands together in midair to try to squash the vile bugs?  Well, it's not really the force that matters, it's the speed.  Ouch.
6) Holey smokes--a huge mosquito just flew in front of the computer screen.  That's not a bug, it's a BIRD!  I'm gonna go turn on a light...
7) I'm hit, I'm hit!  Crud, now I'm itching all over.  Video is processing...come on blogger, they're eating me alive! 
8) Nyyyyyynnnnnnnnn.  Yuck, I hate it when they fly past my ear.

Don't you miss Minnesota?!?!

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