Friday, August 05, 2011

Micah is 14!

I am a little behind on this.  But Micah celebrated his 14th birthday on July 11.  We had just returned home from our big trip.  Micah chose hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill for supper.  Afterward we went out to Paul & Marilyn's house for some good ole fashioned fun--and THREE cakes!!!  :)

 I had no idea Marilyn was making cake (I think Paul forgot to tell us) of course we made one!  Can you guess what Tirzah's job was?

 Can you guess what Kathi's job was?  This was so funny.  Kathi was actually downstairs in her room.  Mitch said, "Kathi, you need to come take care of your buddy!"  Kathi did so with a smile on her face.  :)

 Oh Micah!  I don't think this is as easy to write about you as it is for the little children.  Let's see...I'm not sure where to even start.  At 14 Micah is trying hard to fit in with other teens around him, but he is also trying to be different from everyone else.  (Sound like a typical teenager?)  He has no friends, but also says we never let him have a friend over (yes, we do, and yes he does have friends).  He definitely thinks I take "stupid pills" every morning.  ;)  Micah loves to take ripped socks and cut off bands to wear on his wrists (see photo above).  It's just something he does.  Part of the whole fit-in/stand-out thing.  Micah can easily be bribed to do things with either money or fishing.  He is learning hard to balance responsibility with freedoms.  We definitely don't give him enough freedom.  ;)
 Micah is an important part of our family.  After all, if we didn't have him to practice on, what would happen to Eden?  Seriously, Micah is learning to step up to the plate and be a good example to his siblings.  He is caught in that awkward not yet an adult-but not a child stage, where he doesn't quite have the authority his head wants to have.  Still, he is learning to manage the authority we have given him.  He does a great job of babysitting when we need him too.  He can get lunch ready completely by himself most days.  He IS responsible and I can rely on him to answer me when I call.  His heart searches to do the right thing and he's learning to "own" his faith rather than lean on ours.  He loves to work for other people.  Like most of us, he thrives on praise and positive encouragement.  I can't believe how quickly the years are slipping away now!

 Tonight was sad, too, because it was our last night with Eva, Paul and Marilyn's exchange student from Germany.  :(
 We missed the 4th of July fireworks here in St. Cloud, but Paul had some home-grown fireworks for us!


 {Kathi and Tirzah--who was afraid of the sparklers, then when she did try to pick one up, she burned herself}




 {Mitch and Obadiah}

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