Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh My! (Remodel day 1)

When we decide to do a project, we really decide to do it!!

With only 1 week left before school starts for our kids and Mitch goes back to school for workshops, we have decided to rip out our carpeting and lay down laminate flooring in our upstairs.  We began thinking that since the flooring will be up, it would be a very easy time to paint the walls.  All in one long weekend.  Let the chaos begin!

We have always wanted a different flooring option for our upstairs because the dining area is carpeted.  When we were trying to sell our home 4 years ago, we decided to just go with carpeting again because it was cheaper at the time.  The carpeting we had installed had a flaw and began developing "runs" in several areas.  Our installer agreed to replace the carpet for us, but suggested we do it after the house sold and we moved out.  The conversation was forgotten, our house didn't sell, and 4 years later we have a berber carpet that not only reflects the heavy usage it gets but also has multiple runs that left a bare patch in the center of our living room.  A couple weeks ago we got serious about researching flooring options.  After considering everything from hardwood floors from an old home on craigslist to tile, we finally decided on laminate flooring.  We are in luck--our friend Kelly's husband has some experience and offered to help.  Plus Mitch fell in love with theirs, which happens to be on sale at Menard's right now.  Sweet!

This would be really fun if I had a photographer chasing us around taking pictures as we look like two crazy birds in a big rush trying to do a project in an insanely short amount of time...but my mind is otherwise preoccupied.  I am taking pictures and will try to continue to take pictures.  On Wednesday night we went to Menards and picked up some of the boxes of flooring that we will need, as well as paint samples.  On Thursday I began moving things off and away from the walls.  I was immediately glad that I had spent hours earlier this summer cleaning and purging.  Mitch and the kids began removing the baseboards and ripping up the carpeting so they could take out the tack strips, so all we need to do is roll it out of here later.  Thursday night after daycare was done we headed out to Sherwin Williams (we happen to know two wonderful professional painters so we could get a discount) to buy our paint.  Then we came home, sent the kids to bed, and started painting!

 {Pulling up the tack strips}

 {Eden using the crowbar--aka "convincing tool"}

 {Lovely dirty walls}

 {I love this picture.  It's just so real.  I can try to pretend for all you guys that I keep my house clean, but really there are a lot of kids here and it just gets very dirty!}

 {All the boys were working to pull off the baseboard.  We set them to working on just this one together so we could get a picture, but they were working around the entire living room and hallway also.}

 {More artwork}

 {I am half-tempted at this point to paint one wall with chalkboard paint.  I figure I might as well because the kids are going to draw on it regardless!}

 {Micah worked hard on convincing these tack strips to come up!}

 {I'm also very excited to see this hole disappear.  Caleb put it in our wall on accident a couple years ago.  It's not in a very obvious spot, but it's there still the same.  Did I mention I am excited?}

 {The kids were just as excited as us to see the first bit of paint go on the wall, so we let them stay up to see it.}
 {After living here for 8 years with the original color still on the walls, I'm ready for my main living space to be a little more exciting.  We had a really hard time deciding how to do this.  The room is long and awkward, and the walls don't have a lot of stopping places.  Our motto quickly became, "It's paint.  What's the worst that can happen?  We have to paint over it."}

 True story:  After we had a little more of the wall painted, Josh says to Mitch, "I just want to touch the paint."
Mitch says, "Don't touch the paint."
Josh, "But it looks so cool, I just really want to touch the paint."
Mitch, "Don't touch the paint."
Josh, "Is it dry yet?  I want to touch the paint."
Mitch, "Josh, you can't touch the paint."
Josh, "Oops, I accidentally touched the paint."
About 5 min later...
Steph says to Mitch, "Ok, don't paint any more until I have the trim taped up.  Even though you didn't paint close to it, I still got paint all over my hand."
Josh, "The good thing is that paint washes off your hands very easy."

{Finishing up the first coat.  We will have to do at least one more coat tomorrow night.}

I am so excited about this remodel, even if I have to work and take pictures at the same time.  It's very exciting!  We are brainstorming about how we want things to go back when we are done.  

{We ended up painting the short wall behind the little couch red also, because that just "felt" right.  The rest of the walls will be a yellowish color called "blonde".}  

Sometime close to midnight we had to put the living room somewhat back together because Mitch has to work today and I am doing daycare here.  So we cleaned up our mess and got to bed around 1 a.m.  

To be continued...


  1. You are an awesome family! :D I love reading your blog, Steph. I cannot wait to see the final pictures. <3

  2. Looks good! I'm so glad we pulled up the carpet in our dining room and put down laminate before I started doing daycare. Makes clean up so much easier!

  3. Jenny AKA frogmama8/19/2011 11:27 PM

    I like it! I'm glad you painted that short wall cuz when I looked at the picture I thought "That little wall needs to be red too" hehe :) not that my opinion matters! I like your chalkboard paint idea also!

  4. Can't wait to see it in person! I called Tim over to see it and explained what you were doing. Then I said you were painting too... and he said, "Yeah, red walls." Huh? "Oh, it was on FB." Hmmm. I guess I'm missing out! LOL

  5. Hey, that is pretty much how we are doing our projects. Great work. I am afraid we now need to revisit you in your "new" home....but maybe we first start one of our pending projects....

  6. That is just AWESOME! I can't wait to see it!