Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Random Update

I think I need to be cleaning my sewing room and Obadiah thinks I need to be holding him, so somehow that translates to blogging.  ;)  I think I'm due for a recap/update.

Kathi made it home safely for a joyful reunion in Germany--yay!  Her parents are SOOOO glad to have her home.  She wrote to tell me she has started driving classes, but they are boring.  Hang in there, it's worth it.  (And especially fun in Germany I hear!)

I have been trying to get school things organized a bit.  I am selling some items on ebay (or at least I *hope* they sell) to make room for something new and fun.  I have not been feeling very well lately.  I had what I think was a sinus infection over the weekend.  I felt the pain mostly in my teeth and it was excruciating.  I also felt a general malaise and weakness, and while the sinus pain has subsided, the weakness still comes and goes.  I hate to admit it, but it's probably due to a poor diet and lack of exercise.  Ahem. 

Obadiah is growing so much.  He will be 4 months on Friday.  My plan is to write a full post all about him.

Tirzah is working on potty training for real now.  She just hasn't realized Mommy really means it.  I used to think potty training was fun.  Now?  Not so much.  Tirzah's favorite part is washing her hands.  In fact, if I tell her to go potty, she would much rather go straight to the sink to wash (and pee in her pants at the same time).  Josh was the same way.  Thanks to the two of them, the cabinet doors directly under the sink are ruined from water overflow.

Zeke and Josh have continued their schoolwork throughout the summer.  We are currently building to have a more defined routine once school gets going this fall.  Zeke is a challenge for me.  I have a hard time figuring out the right things to say to motivate and encourage him.  He is a sweet boy, but sometimes a little over-dramatic.  He would love to be the class clown.  He loves attention.  Josh is a natural learner, but he can't help but have a little bit of Zeke rub off on him.  Mostly I'm praying for good attitudes for all when we start school full-swing.

Our garden has been miserable this year.  We had a few radishes and some lettuce.  The lettuce wasn't really that great--it was a little bitter.  Now some of the carrots are ready, and we've noticed that they are too.  Our cucumbers haven't done a thing.  In the time that we've been home from our big trip, the plants have hardly grown at all!
 Trying a carrot--in spite of the "weird" taste, Tirzah ate all of hers except the bite she shared with daddy.

 Eden is harvesting some of the lettuce--which is now post-mature--to give to our neighbor's rabbit (who couldn't care less)

Our cucumbers seriously have issues.  Look at all these blooms and baby cukes, when there is obviously not enough leaves to grow even 1 cuke to maturity!  I am out of guesses except for one--my thumbs are brown.  Oh well.  They still sell cucumbers at Cashwise, and they happen to be on sale these days.  ::sigh::

Ok, Obadiah says I have to go to bed now.  Good night!  XOXO

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