Sunday, August 21, 2011

Remodel day 2 (Friday)

Friday was a hard day in a way for us.  Mitch has been working a summer job this year at NorthCrest Gymnastics and Dance.  Fridays are field trip days.  This Friday happened to be a very long field trip down to the Como Zoo.  He took Micah, Eden, Zeke, Josh, Malachi, and Tirzah with him, which made my day much easier.  He didn't get home until around 6 pm, when we had some supper and got started painting.  We pushed through until 3 a.m.! 

 Since we had painted the red at night, it was fun to see it in the daylight and dream about what the finished project would look like.

 We could see it would definitely need a second coat of paint.

 When I had time while watching kids, I finished putting tape around the trim and filled in the holes on the wall.  I said it looks like our wall has chicken pox!  Oh, and I also read some more on Route 66, the book I'm going to write a review on this week.

 It was exciting to finally get started painting our contrasting color, which turned out to be much more yellow than I expected.  All the kids wanted to help, and I had decided they would get to work on this big wall.

 Malachi was my first willing painter.  Thanks Grandma Janet for these "paint brushes"!

 Tirzah soon joined him.

 Aren't they doing a nice job?

 LOVE the look of adoration on Obi's face.

 Our friend Mark Emerson came by to help, and brought Anna and Ben too.  When I looked over at him, minus knowing that he is on a ladder, he looked really short to me here.  So then we started making jokes about how short he is.  He joined in the fun, spurring us on.  Good times!

 He's really not short.  :)  And he finished up a second coat of red paint for us.

 Our friend Kelly loaned us a power painter.  When they first tried putting it together, the paint was shooting out the ends of the rollers.  After disassembling it, Mitch figured out they had put the wrong roller on it.  It needed a special type that had holes along the inside.  He joked, "Oh, we were supposed to use the church rollers."  (Holy Rollers)

 Eden and Anna helped a lot too.  Eden used the roller some, but they used paint brushes to do edgework around all the trim and outlets.  Our friend Jack came over for a sleep-over and also got to do some painting.


 Zeke and Jack on the scaffolding.  Micah has been a good helper through this project, but he is starting to get really tired.  He likes to follow me around and whine.  Is that normal 14-year-old behavior?  Yeah, I probably acted like that at 14 too.

 Ok, it's a staged photo.  But I had to get in somewhere, and I really DID paint the edges along the ceiling right there.  Can I mention it is way high up?  Want to see something funny?  Look at this post from 4 years ago.  I was VERY pregnant with Malachi and we were painting the same area!  Funny thing is, I titled the post "Big Changes".  So what would I call our current project?  LOL

 Anna hard at work

Mark is balancing the ladder on the steps so Mitch can reach the high places.  Later that night we needed to do the edging still, so Mitch balanced the ladder while I did it.  Only at that point everyone was in bed and no one could take a picture.  I was scared!  It was hard to convince my head that even though I could feel the ladder shaking, Mitch had it securely and I was not going to fall.  Who needs roller coasters?

 First coat of yellow is done!

 Cleaning up to go to bed

We love how it looks as we are leaving the lower level to go upstairs.  See that white towel on the stairs?  Yeah, that would be where I dropped a HUGE glob of red paint.  We aren't replacing the carpet on the stairs just yet.  Oops.  Oh well, now our theme is "No home is perfect."  :)

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  1. wow! you really are a good example steph! i would probably go into cardiac arrest with all those kids and paint brushes. i could barely do a bathroom recently. that's awesome! it looks great!