Sunday, August 21, 2011

Remodel day 3 (Saturday)

Saturday was our day to really crank out the work in the morning.  When you stay up until 3 a.m., though, it's kind of hard to roll out of bed at 7 or even 8.  Good thing Jack's mom, Lori, showed up at 8:30 with her paint clothes and asking us to put her to work.  Yay!  She helped for a few hours.  We worked through lunch and finally at a few minutes after 2 we declared the painting completely done.  I jumped in the shower and we arrived late to a birthday party.  After the party, Obi and I went to Kelly's house for a girls' night out.  I got home a little after 9 pm to find Mark and Mitch laying the first bit of our new flooring.  It's SOOOO exciting!  After so many late nights, I was utterly exhausted.  Mitch and I both went to bed pretty close to 10 pm.

While Mitch and I shook the fog clear from our brains to get started, Lori took the yellow paint and did almost all the edgework within arms length of the floor.  Anna will tell you, that is a LOT.  

Lori is a good friend.  We met at Central MN Pediatric Dentists.  She was the first hygienist that Micah and Eden ever saw (and we've been going there ever since)!  She and her family also go to her church, and I've done daycare for her.  Since Jack just started school, he has graduated from daycare and moved into "friend" status.  :)

No Mark here today to hold the ladder.  Mitch made a good compromise.

Malachi was asking to help paint again today.  Without a big wall for him to help on, I wasn't sure where to have him.  So he helped me in the closet.  He was just so cute and sweet!  :)

While I finished up that last little bit of edgework, Mitch and the kids got the carpet ripped up and moved out of the house.  They are pulling up staples.

Caleb is on babysitting duty.  He had such a WONDERFUL attitude about it.  Never once did he come to me and say he was tired of watching Obi or ask me to take him.

My view from the ladder up in the entryway windows.  I thought it was a neat perspective of the carpet going out to the trailer.

The view behind me.  The color doesn't look quite so "yellow" in the daytime.  And now that all the "grey" color is gone, it looks really warm and inviting, just as I had hoped.

Now, this is just GROSS.  I'm really hating carpet at this point.

Holly and Obi
Our afternoon party was a nice break.  Mitch and I were just about falling asleep, though! 

My friend Karri with Ian, who is 4 days older than Obi.  He is taller and skinnier.  :)

And here's a sneak peak of the new flooring!!!

How do I have time to blog in the middle of this project?  Don't ask Mitch.  I have to go shower and get kids bathed and get ready for church.  :)

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