Monday, August 22, 2011

Remodel day 4 and 5...finishing up!

Well we have pushed through and worked hard on this project!  I think we've gotten farther in 5 days than I ever imagined.  I keep wanting to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  It feels like I moved into a whole new house!  I occasionally shut my eyes, try to picture my home like it was before, then open my eyes to enjoy the surprise all over again.  We still have a ways to go finishing up and putting back together, but that's just dessert.  The elephant is nearly gone.  (To borrow from the expression "How do you eat the elephant in the living room?  One bite at a time.")

 On Sunday after church Mitch began pulling out the old laminate floor from the kitchen.  This flooring has held up well over the past 8 years besides some installation issues, and that was a significant factor in us deciding to go with laminate for this project.

 We had been moving furniture around to get it "out of the way" as we worked, but we didn't move our couches and table out of the room altogether.  So earlier in the day I had been staring at this empty corner and the idea hit me that the dining room table would look really good there.  I know that it doesn't make much sense at first glance.  We will have to carry our food a long way from the kitchen to get to the table.  But the layout of the room is weird anyway, and I think that having the table over here actually opens up the room and is a better use of space.  I think we will get used to it.  It's worth a try!

 Sunday night we made good progress.  Mark came back over and helped, and later in the evening Kelly's hubby Tim joined us.  He and Mitch lost a good amount of time in the hallway.  Though they tried for a long time, they couldn't get the boards to go together.  Eventually I joined in the problem-solving.  We knew the floor was uneven, but thought it shouldn't be an issue.  We were more worried about making sure the boards were parallel as we joined them to the boards in the main room.  Finally Mitch grabbed me a long level and I laid it across the floor so we could measure the height difference.  I found the floor was bowed up in front of our room and caused a 3/8" difference!  The installation instructions recommend no more than a 3/16" difference.  Ouch.  We brainstormed some more, and Mitch ended up getting out his belt sander.  He sanded the sub-floor down to be level.  (It was actually really pretty, too, once sanded).  What a mess!

 We know it's "weird" according to what you would expect, but we love this layout.

 Today, Monday, we had daycare as usual, plus Mitch planned to spend the entire day finishing the flooring.  It was a great goal.  I am so impressed with what they got finished.  He had both Mark and Tim's help again most of the day.

 We had 3 butterflies come out of their chrysalises today!

We had one not-so-fun surprise in our adventure.  The sight of this made me sick to my stomach.  A few weeks ago I noticed some black staining underneath our back door.  It smelled musty, so I suspected mold.  Once we got the floor up today, we found it.  I just don't even know what to say.  :(  Devona was here helping me with daycare, and she called her dad who builds houses.  I spoke with him on the phone and we brainstormed where the moisture could be coming from.  It's important for us to stop that first, for obvious reasons!  We decided to leave this portion of the floor unfinished until we can fix the issue.  I am tremendously relieved that it does not appear to have anything to do with the deck.  It is something to do with the back door.  I also checked the room directly under here and there is no obvious sign of mold.  The paint looks perfect, no weird colors, smells, etc.

 At one point I looked over to see Obadiah up on his elbows and knees.  Seriously?!  This kid is sooooo strong.  He's only 4.5 months old!  He looks like he is totally ready to crawl.  He may not crawl any sooner than the rest of my kids did, but he's certainly trying.

 He kicked so hard he flipped over.  :)

The guys brainstorming how to do these difficult angles in the hallway.  Be sure to oooh and ahhh over the finished product below.  This is hard "thinking" work!
 Tonight at supper Kelly's baby made a good mess all over the floor.  It's more fun to clean up food now--we can appreciate it so much more since we lived with a carpeted dining room for so long.

 Mitch finished putting all the trim back on tonight.  There are some pieces in the kitchen that we need to replace.  We also need to install new quarter round around some of the cabinet bases that didn't previously need it.  And transition pieces between the hallway and bedrooms.  Don't forget the piece at the top of the stairs, too.  He has a long shopping list.

 It looks so good!
Time to pack it up and enjoy our home!

I am utterly exhausted.  I know I should post some good "after" pics, but 1) I'm too tired to go take more and 2) They don't look that different than what I've posted and 3) It's not 100% complete because we still have to move things back into place and fix the moisture issue by the door.  While the flooring is on sale and we can get it, I think Mitch is planning to buy enough to do the bedrooms upstairs.  I'm excited about redoing the baby room.  I'm a little panicky about doing my sewing room.  I have a lot of stuff in here!  :) 

Now I have to catch up--laundry, preparing for school, book reviews, etc.  Yikes!


  1. Jenny AKA frogmama8/22/2011 11:46 PM

    Wow it looks great! I guess I was too quick to comment on the FB pics to see you blogged too! I am utterly impressed with your resolve to get such a big project done so fast. That makes them easier, dosen't it? It seems like "we" always loose steam towards the end of the project and the final things like trim and touch-ups just never get done. Our basement has been SO close to being finished for 2 years but there are still a huge list of things that should get done. Arg! I want closure!! :) Congrats! Once having hard flooring in your living area/hall and seeing how quickly dust bunnies creep up, its pretty disgusting to imagine that junk in carpeting, behind furniture, etc. I know I'll never go back if I can help it!!

  2. I love your new floors! You said laminate, so they're like Pergo? They look just like wood and are so warm! I love your wall colors. I have reds and golds, too. Fun, fun. And I'm so jealous about Obadiah. Calvin is 10 months and not crawling or even sitting up very well. Hopefully, one of these days...


  3. The new flooring looks lovely. And good job in getting it (almost:-) done so quickly. Like the elephant phrase at the beginning....seems to be getting some use lately. :-)

  4. As I was looking at the pictures and reading along I thought, "Wow. It would be great if they could do the rest of the rooms upstairs." ;) I guess great minds think alike! When you've recovered from all the late nights and the work, you *need* to invite me over to ooh and ahh in person! ;)

  5. Wow! It looks great and I really do love the way you have the furniture arranged in the living room! Great job to everybody who helped!!

  6. Whoa the home flooring layout is coming out awesome!