Wednesday, September 07, 2011

5 months!

Obadiah is 5 months old!  This boy is soooo ready to be on the move.  He can definitely move, but not always in the direction he wants to go.  He is working hard on putting it all together.  And he is very, very strong.  Such a sweet little guy!

He is on a generic zantac.  If I forget to give it to him (or purposefully skip a dose), he usually lets me know by sleeping shorter periods of time.  He still spits up frequently.  I am hoping for the day when he is done with that.  I am just starting to introduce him to some baby cereal.  I have been too exhausted lately to even pay attention how many times he gets up at night.  To be honest, he is in my bed 90% of the time, so I just roll over and he nurses and we both fall back to sleep without ever fully waking up.  The other 10% of the time I manage to put him to sleep in the bassinet beside my bed (yeah, he's technically too big for it, but it's close and convenient, so shhhhhhh).

During the day this boy will take excellent naps.  I can usually get a really long (2+ hours) nap out of him.  That is so nice for getting stuff done.  The only downfall to this is it is completely unpredictable when it will happen.  I can predict with almost certainty when it will not happen--if I lay him down, expecting a long nap, then leave the house to go run errands, he will most certainly wake up within 15 minutes of me being gone!  Therefore I now have a small stash of frozen milk in the freezer.  He is happy to take a bottle in my absence. 

This guy also really likes his siblings (that's a good thing, because he's pretty much stuck with them).  Some of them (Tirzah, Malachi) love him a little too roughly.  I think he will forgive them.  Some of them (Zeke, Josh) carry him around even though I have repeatedly asked them not to pick him up.  All of them are good at making him laugh.  Micah is good at putting him to sleep, but even Caleb can do it when I need him to--yay!

It's my bedtime, but here are some pictures for you of my rolly polly little man:


  1. So cute! Calvin is almost 11 months old and still won't get up on his hands and knees! He is rolling, so maybe one of these days.

    I want to try diapers, but have read pul is a pain to work with. I want to give it a try, though. You've really inspired me!


  2. Looking forward to your new family photos!! I know it is coming soon!!!

  3. Hehe...yes, we are actually going to Duluth for a wedding this weekend. I am hoping to leave a couple hours early, then have plenty of time for snapping photos. <3 I haven't told Mitch yet, so let's hope he says 'yes!' :)