Friday, September 30, 2011

Excuse you!

In lieu of a spelling test, I assigned Micah a project to use as many of his spelling words as possible in a story.  Following is his submission exactly as he wrote it.  I guess I don't know what I expected.  I just wanted him to use the words {somewhat} appropriately.  I hoped he would be responsible enough to get the spelling right (since he was typing it in Word, after all).  Grade??  It wasn't a time-consuming effort on his part, but he did do exactly what I asked.  I think I need to decide what he's saying first of all...I  know some of the words are not used quite right...but I found his attempt humorous anyway...ok, here it goes:

Once upon a time, a Indo-European family, who spoke Sanskrit which came with a hint of Germanic, had a phenomenon. The analytical son, Fred, tried to separate the Semitic languages, Hebrew and Arabic. After failing terribly, the son tried to find the correlation between linguists and philologists, and discovered cheese curds. Fred’s descendant, Fred the third, tried to followed in the foots steps of his Grandfather, and discovered how civilization can express language to isolated people with dialects which express their dominion over peninsulas.

What a list of words!!

I think I may just go back and assign a 'normal' spelling test...

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  1. lol, that's cute! Was cheese curds one of his words or was that him just throwing it in? I thought that was funny