Friday, September 09, 2011

Susanna Wesley

Today I managed to catch ALL of the kids after lunch and had a mini history/religion lesson with them.  I spoke about Susanna Wesley homeschooling her children and a little of how her home might have looked and felt.  We practiced.  :)  I instructed the children all to find a place to sit, and to be quiet.  Then I left the room.  When I returned, they all stood quietly and waited for me to speak.  It was lovely!  (But I won't expect it on a regular basis...hehe).  Next I sat in the corner and put my apron (I had to improvise using my lovely apron received from Donita K. Paul...not quite like Susanna's may have been) over my head.  They were all sitting quietly until I took the apron off.  Ahhhhh....Oh, and I had Micah take a picture:

We also talked about how it is important not to compare our family to other families in our culture.  Obviously we are not like Susanna Wesley's family (not that it would be a bad thing--she also had some help with cooking and cleaning).  Just because our friends live a certain way does not mean that we should be like them.  I suggested that our standard should be the Bible.  Which doesn't happen to say that the children should rise when their parent enters the room or that they should sit quietly while their mother prays with her apron over her head.  (I wonder if she ever fell asleep that way?  Just once??  I mean, she must have been pregnant constantly since she had 19 kids...I don't know how she could not have fallen asleep at least once.)  Ok, anyway I am way off subject now!

It was a fun lesson.  I was so glad to have their attention.  What a brief but happy moment!


  1. My mom was just telling me about Susanna Wesley a few weeks ago, and her interesting way of finding quiet time. :-)

  2. I did a report on her when I was 13, and I thought she had 25 kids? Maybe she really was sleeping, and "I'm praying" was just a scapegoat, lol

  3. Now I am intrigued. I may have to find some time to look her up!

    Great lesson, though. And you're right. We should NOT try to be like our friends. As much as we may look up to them, it is CHRIST we should try to be more like.

  4. Hmm. In a house the size of ours, that might be a great way to get some quiet! Now I want to sew an apron. ;)