Saturday, October 01, 2011



Mitch and I were blessed to receive free tickets from a friend to see the new Courageous movie from Sherwood pictures. 

It was wonderful! If you get a chance, go see it.

It's hard for me to find the words to say what the movie was about.  It had a lot of sub-plots.  In our experience, this can be a killer for a movie, but I think the guys at Sherwood pictures did an excellent job of building the story, building the characters, and wrapping it all together nicely by the end.  The movie is geared towards challenging fathers in particular to step forward and courageously lead their families to follow God, but everyone will find a lesson while watching.  This is where all those sub-plots just nestle in neatly by the end.  The movie goes beyond "feel good" and beyond "entertainment" to give a good dose of solid theology and the Gospel is presented LOUD and CLEAR.  I appreciate that tremendously!  It pulls this off well without getting boring or preachy (in my opinion).  The only time I got squirmy was about 15 min before the movie was over.  Drinking a large pop wasn't the best choice.  The movie is 2 hours 10 min long, and I just about couldn't make it that long with so much pop in my tummy!

The movie received a PG-13 rating for some violence and drugs.  While I understand the rating system, this seems like such overkill.  This movie definitely does not belong in the same category as other PG-13 movies I can think of (Iron Man 2, for example).  The "violence" is mild, and the topic of drugs is handled appropriately and effectively (we do not see anyone using drugs, or even dealing drugs, only carrying them and police confiscating them).  We see the full consequences of these "negative" elements.  I would be willing to allow any of  my children to see the movie, but I think the youngest children wouldn't be that interested in it.  I can't wait to let the older ones see it!

Visit the Courageous Movie website for more info.  Read the Plugged-In review here.

Sherwood Pictures keeps getting better and better.  We love all their movies.  I hope they keep it up!


  1. Jenny, aka frogmama10/01/2011 10:21 PM

    I'm glad you didn't give any spoilers in this!! I was cautiously reading! I want to ask church friends tomorrow if they'd mind trading babysitting so Dan and I can catch it (preferably tomorrow). I feel its important to give Sherwood a solid opening weekend since we all know thats how Hollywood likes to rate it's movies, and I want to show as much support for Sherwood as possible. In my own little wifely way, I wanted to somehow get some guys from our church together to go to it (maybe with a few friends) while their wives met and prayed for them and our famlies but it just seemed weird to present that to our church. Our church has made no mention of this movie so far but I feel like its such an important message. In the end my September was way too crazy to have been able to head that up, afterall. Sorry for the jumbled comment mess :)

  2. Jenny that's a fantastic idea!! I didn't know before I went that it would be so strongly pointed towards guys/dads. But there was plenty there for everyone--excellent modeling done by wives in the movie, modeling for both teen guys and girls, and some words of advice for young single men as well. It's where all the little subplots (that normally would kill a movie) really work to the advantage. It was nicely done in my opinion!