Friday, October 21, 2011

Kisses from Katie

Since I am on vacation, I have had a few extra minutes to just "surf" the web.  Last night I discovered this young woman and I am completely blown away by her story.

I was browsing the FaithVillage resource blog, when I read the following by Ryan Gregg:
"Katie Davis is a 23 year-old American who has adopted thirteen orphans and now lives in Uganda. You might need to read that sentence again."

I spent the rest of the evening browsing Katie's blog and reading all I could (even reading out loud to Mitch).  Katie has just published a new book with her story, titled Kisses from Katie.  Here is a video to whet your appetite: 

Please take a moment to pray for Katie and her children, and consider visiting her blog to see if there is some way you can help further!

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