Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Ledge

A couple months ago, when we were in the thick of our weekend remodeling projects, Mitch picked up an oak board on sale.  While the weather was still nice, I put a finish on the board and at the same time did some of the trim that we need to still put down in the kitchen (I don't know how often you scrub the baseboards around your cabinets, but at OUR house the quarter round down there looks much too gross to put back on).  I'm so excited!  Here is what we got done:

 {Installing the cove molding first}

 {Getting everything lined up and just right--measuring twice, cut once!!  Oh, and take a look at those corners on the edge of the wall, all chipped and scratched after only 2 months.}

 {All done!  And with protectors over the corners, too.}

Here's another view:

 {It looks amazing--like it has always been there or like it is supposed to be this way.  We love it!}


  1. Jenny AKA frogmama10/30/2011 10:14 PM

    That looks really nice! Good idea with the protectors!! Maybe you should use hardwood floor poly on them, hehe :)

  2. Looks awesome