Thursday, October 06, 2011

Obadiah at 6 months old

I can't believe Obi is already 6 months old, and I can't believe all the things he can do!  Such a strong, smart little boy.  I haven't done this for Obi yet (shame!), so I think it's about high time I get on it.

Obi, at 6 months you

~weigh 19 lbs 4 oz
~are roughly 27.5" long
~wear size small Pampered Cheeks cloth diapers only because I don't have time to make mediums (but you may just end up in some girly ones soon out of necessity)...they barely fit
~wear 6-9 month clothing

~have no teeth, but have bit me a few times just the same
~love to chew on anything, and I constantly have to remind people (siblings) to quit putting their dirty fingers in your mouth
~are good-natured and generally tolerant of your siblings (even the Tiz!)
~mostly just breastfeed, have only tried food a couple of times
~think mom is the coolest person in the world
~love to be put to sleep by Micah (with Caleb being a close second) if mom is not available
~think peek-a-boo is the greatest game ever invented
~have a contagious laugh

~outweigh your friend Izzy who is 4 months older
~look a lot like Malachi (who loves you too hard)
~stick your bottom lip out and cry JUST like Malachi if someone scares you, which is just about the saddest thing ever
~sleep all night in my bed and I rarely even count the number of times you get up (too many)
~take long naps (as long as I don't leave home expecting you to nap long)
~crawl on all fours, army crawl, and attempt to "bear" crawl
~can get into a sitting position from a crawl (amazing!)
~and just yesterday you surprised me by pulling up to stand!!!  

So of course I had to get to you to do it again so I could get pictures:

A clothes basket is not exactly the best place to pull up, but you crawled over to it and started climbing up.  I asked Eden to hold the other side of the basket while I grabbed my camera. 

She slipped the basket forward slightly so that your center of balance would be in the right spot.

Then all of a sudden, up you went!  Easy as pie.
Until you're tired and it's time to get back down.
That's why babies who are only 6 months old should not be pulling themselves up.

Needless to say, we have to keep a close eye on you!


  1. Bo started full on crawling 2 days after she turned 6m, and pulled herself up on everything 2 days later. Good Luck =)