Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zeke's Birthday

Whoa!  Talk about being behind on blogging!!  Zeke's birthday was last Wednesday, and I am BEHIND.  Rest assured that I have some things to talk about and will get this all fixed up soon.  ;)

Zeke is 8 years old and what a wonderful 8-year-old he is!

When I turned 8 years old my Uncle James gave me a little statue of Strawberry Shortcake with a number 8.  It was a special trinket for me.  I don't think Zeke would have appreciated the same gift, though.

Zeke, at 8 years old you

~still have curly hair
~have 4 permanent teeth, 2 more growing in, and 2 that really need to fall out
~wear size 8 pants (they keep falling off of you, but we're making it work)
~are in 2nd grade

~love the kittens with all your heart (in this picture you have 5 of them all on your lap sleeping)
~finally learned how to ride a 2-wheeler and pretty much rode your bike every day all summer long
~run everywhere you go, seemingly having an endless amount of energy
~wind up, not down

 ~are a very good eater, willing to try everything at least once, and enjoy a wide variety of foods
~wear your heart on your sleeve (you're very sensitive about things)
~are generous and thoughtful of others
~are good at thinking things through, but also you...
~are easily distracted

{Hey!  I'm not 6, I'm 8!!}
~love to read (finally), especially comic books or anything about Star Wars
~have beautiful handwriting also, and prefer to write in cursive
~love to "fight" with swords or lightsabers
~love to build with legos
~love to color and draw
~just plain love to do anything "fun"

Happy Birthday, Zeke
We love you very, very much!!

 Blow out the candle!


  1. jenny aka frogmama10/18/2011 1:04 PM

    LOVE that kissing picture!! So cute!

  2. Zeke sat still long enough for kittens to fall asleep on him!? Was that when he was sick? LOL

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Zeke!!