Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bathroom Troubles

Mitch told me this story, and I begged him to take a picture so I could blog about it.

As it turns out, Mitch is the only male teacher down his section of hallway at school.  So the special ed department laid claim to the "Men's Staff Restroom".  In order to still accomodate, ahem, Mitch's needs, the "Women's Staff Restroom" was converted to a "Unisex Staff Restroom".  This conversion was noted with a sign posted on the bathroom door:

Ok, it's a private restroom, so not a big deal right?

Please note that the staff restroom is directly adjacent to the "Girls Restroom".   Imagine how many times now the following scenario has happened:

Young elementary girl exits the Girls' room just as Mitch is exiting the Staff bathroom:  "Mr. Theis, why are you using the Women's Restroom?"

Then the girls run off giggling while Mitch stands there going "Um, but..." and pointing to the sign posted on the door.  In exasperation he says, "Oh, never mind."

He has since given up.  

It is an awkward situation to be sure!  One that I find extremely giggle-worthy.  :)

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