Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kathi, the snow is here finally!!!

What a day!  I knew we were expecting some snow today, so I tried hard to get my shopping done last night.  I fell short of my goal, so when I peeped outside at 6:50 a.m. to find that the snow had not arrived yet, I hurried to get out the door.  I left by 8 a.m. with Micah and Tirzah along.  By 10 a.m. we were finally heading home and the snow was just starting to cover the roads and get a little slippery.  Not an hour later I received a text message from my friend Kelly telling me that a car struck a pole at an intersection I had just been at--the pole was down and the car was smashed!!!  I'm so glad I got done and got home.

To say the kids were excited about the snow would be an understatement.  We only had one winter clothes down yet.  All our coats, boots, mittens, snow pants, etc. were still stored in the garage attic.  With Mitch's help and everyone pitching in, we busied ourselves with putting away groceries, and cleaning.  At some point before the snow covered everything I ran outside and put away all the yard toys (AGAIN--amazing how those little yard gnomes get everything out while we are sleeping), before they got buried.  And finally we pulled out the winter stuff we needed.  By this point snow was beginning to pile up fast.  Here are the pictures:

It could have stopped here, and I would have thought that a decent enough first snow...
 but no, it had to keep going!  This picture was taken while it was still snowing:
While we were moving things in and out, snow was tracked in on our shoes.  I quickly realized Tirzah was picking up these little clumps of snow to eat them.  So I told her to grab a cup and I filled it so she could eat her fill of snow.
 What does our stash of winter clothes look like?  Remember, this is for 10 people, and it makes sense to hang onto the couple of in-between sizes we are not using:
 We did a tremendous amount of sorting.  Everyone was fully clothed with coat, snowpants, and boots.  (Micah needs snowpants, and Malachi needs boots, but we can pick those up soon...oh, and Mitch's boots are not really winter boots and are 14 years old so he will definitely be getting a new pair too).  I hung up a couple "extras" for those times when something goes missing.  I bagged up a garbage bag of coats that we won't ever use.  The little bit leftover, along with spring coats, went back into the attic.  It was crazy here for a bit:
 Time for fun!

 I'm not sure I endorse this activity:

 You know they had fun if their cheeks are rosy and they are smiling!

Kathi told me recently that she misses the snow and couldn't wait to see this post is dedicated to her! We love you, Kathi!

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