Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Christmas Post

Here I go again...blogging in my head...before I forget THIS one too, here are some more photos from Christmas!

 Micah:  "Mom, seriously?  When are we going to open presents??"

 Eden and her Aunty Holly (who just got married to Kyle two weeks ago--congratulations to them!!)

 Obadiah loved opening presents.  We didn't buy him anything, because he really doesn't need anything.  (except Mitch bought him some new nuks--yay!)  My friend Barb made him a little blanket with tags all around the perimeter and also a block the same way, with a bell in the middle.  He LOVES the block.  So we wrapped it back up for Christmas.  Why not, eh?  We knew he would love it.  :)

 Malachi gets credit for finding Tirzah's favorite gift--some soft boot slippers.  She has pink winter boots that she loves to wear around the house (clomp, clomp, clomp).  Well, you can guess that Mommy doesn't love her wearing her boots all around the house.  Malachi found these on clearance at JCPenney...$7.99.  Perfect!

 Caleb loves Donita K. Paul.  I bought him (used) each of the 5 books in the Dragon Keeper Chronicles.  He gave away book 1, DragonSpell...but I'm not going to tell you why.  :)

 Malachi got a little western outfit, complete with double shooter cap guns.  TOTALLY fun.

Later we opened presents from Kathi and Patrick all the way from Germany.  We miss them sooooo much!
 Kathi sent Obi this cute stuffed duckie and everyone had their own letter from Kathi, each with a puzzle piece below.  Such a lot of thought went into each letter!  She sent lots of other gifts, too, but I didn't take pictures of everything.

Patrick's family picked out a GREAT book for our family.  It is hilarious.  Kyle put on his best German accent and read it to us while we all giggled (and groaned).  Oh, you want to know the title of the book?  "The Story of the Little Mole Who went in Search of Whodunit" by Werner Holzwarth & Wolf Erlbruch  (If you search for the title on youtube, you can see a similar version of the book...the translation is a little different than the one we have, but you can get the idea)

They also sent us two new figures to add to the Nativity Crèche they started for us last year.  Such a beautiful set!

We had great food and good fellowship.  We opened more presents from Paul and Marilyn (and have thoroughly enjoyed the games). We are very blessed!!


  1. I showed the picture of Tirzah with her new "boots"; he was amazed at Malachi's frugality (it was accidental, I'm assuming).