Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sale at Pampered Cheeks

Many of my blog readers may remember that I own a cloth diapering business, Pampered Cheeks.  I create custom cloth diapers for babies.  I have had very little time for sewing the past couple years, and my sewing room is jam-packed with beautiful fabrics that really should be used.  Back a few years ago I could justify having such an inventory, but no more.  It's time for me to move some of these fabrics on (and possibly free up space for other projects!).

Pop on over to my store on hyena cart and see what's for sale, just click on the picture:


Note that the prices do not include shipping, I will send a separate shipping invoice after the order is cut/packed.  I don't have everything listed yet either, and I would love to have any locals come and pick up their orders to save shipping costs.  You can even use a coupon code to get MORE savings during the month of December:  iluvknits will get you an additional 20% off at checkout!

I have great patterns I created myself through years of work--the One Size Cheekies, Growing Cheekies fitteds, and Growing Cheekies Pockets/AI2.


  1. Nice- when you say "1 available",does that mean 1 yard?

  2. Not necessarily. It is the quantity. So it just means 1 cut of that fabric. You will have to read the description to see how much is on that cut. Some are 1 yd, some are less, some are more. :)