Thursday, December 01, 2011


Well, we have had a "sick" sort of week here.  Last week before Thanksgiving, Obadiah ran a fever for 3 days.  I took him to the doctor, and he received an "all clear, just a virus" diagnosis.  The doctor asked me at least 3 times if he had a rash, but nope there was no rash.  The fever broke, and the next day he had a rash...I knew instantly that it must have been roseola. 

The doctor said that it looked like he was trying to cut all 4 teeth at once.  I can testify that whether it's due to teeth or virus this boy has been CRABBY.  Developmentally, he has learned that once we leave the room we continue to exist.  In other words, he quickly crawls after us, crying.  If he crawls fast enough, he grabs hold of my pant leg, preventing me from getting away again!  I haven't seen any sign of those teeth, yet.  He has been practicing standing alone, and now pretty much has it perfected.  Today he stood in the middle of the room holding only a mouse cord...he didn't pull up on anything, he simply pushed off the ground.  After standing for a few seconds, he slowly let himself back down.  :)  He hasn't taken any steps at all for me though, unless he's pushing a toy around.  Oh, and he has a killer grip--he can pull out my outlet covers!!!

On Sunday, while it was still very early morning/middle of the night, Zeke and Malachi both woke up vomiting.  That brought quite a sense of dread on me.  By Monday midday, Mitch had diarrhea.  He made his lesson plans to have a sub on Tuesday.  Tuesday was my birthday, and I fully prepared to be sick.  I wasn't sick, but I still decided not to go out to eat.  The risk was too high.  Fundido sauce will be there for another time.  :(  I celebrated being 29 again, and made a carrot cake.  I didn't even take a picture!  I didn't have daycare kids on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday evening Tirzah ran a fever, but there was no vomiting/diarrhea, and Mitch was feeling better.  So Wednesday morning I was back to the grind.

So how is it that a family of 10...with no personal space, sharing cups and toothbrushes and you-name-it...escapes the stomach virus with only 3 casualties?  I don't know.  But I sure do know I'm grateful!!

On Tuesday I felt an overwhelming desire to read the Bible in 90 daysOne of my favorite bloggers has done this a couple times, but I have never felt up to the challenge.  I did not join the program or any support group, but I am mainly just following the reading plan.  I challenged Mitch to join me, and any of the kids who want to give it a try.  I told them if they start today, they would read the whole Bible by the end of February.  Doesn't that sound incredible?!  It does take up quite a bit of my free time, and I am more than happy to let it!

We also got out our Christmas stuff to decorate.  We set up the tree, but we can't find our lights.  ::sigh::  I'm sure they will turn up, soon!  Yay for decorating at a nice, peaceful pace.

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  1. Bryan Carlson12/05/2011 10:07 AM

    I tried that once - reading the bible over a short period. Cover to cover, I think it was around 40 to 60 days. I can't remember.

    It didn't sit well with me though. I got burned out on it. Some books of the bible can do that (ie: numbers).

    I think I'd be more interested in a study now.

    Glad you haven't gotten hit to hard with illness. At least you have past experience to prepare you somewhat.