Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tirzah has horns

Tirzah's hair is still very thin and I can hardly do anything with it.  Today I put little ponytails in it because *I* think that's cute on her.  She likes it, too.  They usually slide out within an hour or two.  After wrestling with Zeke for a little while, she climbed up on my lap.  Apparently Zeke wasn't done wrestling, because he was still touching her as she did, and her ponytail holder slid out into his hand.  Tirzah began to cry and trying to put the offense into words said, "He did that!"  And Zeke's response?

"Mom is putting your horn back in, then you can chase me again."

Man!  What a way to kill it for me, you know?!

Ok, maybe it's not cute...but I don't care, it's fun anyway.  But horns?  Really, Zeke??


  1. Awww, it IS cute! I love itty bitty piggy tails!

  2. I think her ponies are cute too. Em will sporting ponies as soon as I possibly can with her too. lol