Thursday, December 15, 2011

Using Quotation Marks to Write Dialogue

Micah had the following assignment, and his answer made me giggle.  Apparently he completed it while I was with Obi at the chiropractor on Monday.  (And pardon me if I don't take time to correct his punctuation and spelling).

Write a conversation--either real or imaginary--which contains at least five questions. Practice using punctuation and paragraph form for direct quotation.

"Ben do you like nacho cheese?" asked Micah with searching eyes.
 "No," Ben anserwd with a smile on his face.
 "Ben," Micah asked, "do you like shushi?"
 Before Ben  could answer, Mrs. E said "Micah, what are you doing?"
Micah, now stiffiling a laugh, answered, "a homework asignment."
 "No," Ben said with a straight face, "no, i have never tried it."
 Micah then asked Ben, "do you like watermellon?"
Ben answerd with a quick answer, "yes."
Micah asked Ben a final question, "Ben, do you like Dr. Pepper?
"Yes," Ben said, "second favorite pop!" 


  1. This was real, not imaginary - I was there. Micah came out from his classroom, asked a question, then ran back and (I presume) typed Ben's answer. A few moments later, he'd come back out...