Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny pictures

 Josh was reading some Janosh to Obi.  Obi has my iPod touch...oh buddy, please don't chew on's not a teething toy!
 Patrick's parents brought this ^ cute outfit for Obi when they came to visit in July.  It fits now!  Patrick said I should put it on him every day for the next 4 weeks because after that it won't fit anymore.  Silly Obi is growing so fast.  I was trying so hard to get a good picture of him, and he was chasing me around the room.  I couldn't get away from him and get the camera (big DSLR with a flash attached, no less) into position in time before he would catch up to me.  He loved this game!
 Obi is going through a phase where he loves to climb into baskets.  I was doing my weekly laundry and he kept climbing into Eden's basket and "unloading" it for me.  Thanks.  I guess he'll grow out of this phase by the time he's...nah...nevermind, even Zeke still climbs into baskets/boxes/etc.  Tirzah asked if I would take a picture of her and "Obee-DI-uh".

Is there something wrong with this picture???

I bought Micah a pair of Dockers for Christmas, but they were the wrong size.  It turns out that I can't buy the size he needs (32x34), so I returned them.  I bought this shirt (the one I'm wearing) instead, but he's not impressed??  And Eden either??  Jealous kids!  Haha...actually I couldn't care less about Halo Reach.  He can have the shirt (I asked him to give me his best frown for the picture).  He's trying to talk me into exchanging it for some other game shirt.  ::sigh::  The kid doesn't understand that I don't love to go shopping at the mall.

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