Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obadiah at 9 months old

Obi is such a star! I should have written this a week ago...

Obadiah, at 9 months you
~weigh 20.5 lbs and are 28.75 inches long
~walk very well
~climb the stairs (and other things that you shouldn't)
~put everything in your mouth

 ~discovered the toilet paper roll.  I thought you were going to unroll it all, but you paused to taste it instead.  You didn't think it tasted very nice, so you left it alone after that.  Thank goodness!
~string together consonants like "ma-ma-ma" and "da-da-da" and do a good job of trying to repeat us.  If you start with "ma-ma-ma" and we say it back to you, then you will repeat us again.  You also understand exactly what I mean when I ask you if you would like some milk.

 ~love, love, love your siblings.  The louder they are, the better.
~love to be put to sleep by Micah or Caleb
~gave up your habit of taking long naps, and resort to 45-min naps.  Much to my chagrin.
~sleep a couple long stretches at night, then get up every hour from 4 a.m. on
~sleep in my bed, I don't even try to put you in your own anymore

 ~think the duplos belong to you and you only
~demonstrate your ownership of the duplos by crawling inside the container and playing
~scream, yes scream, at everyone else to leave you alone when you are playing with your duplos

 ~put everything in your mouth..I know I said that already...but you do
~sometimes you swallow the things you put in your mouth that you shouldn't.  Gross.

~don't like pureed vegetables.  Not carrots, not squash, not peas, not green beans, not mixed vegetables, nothing.  But you will eat whole peas, fresh baked sweet potato, and other foods that are soft enough
~refuse pureed meats too (but hey--I don't blame you--those are gross, too!)
~love all grains and insist that if the kids are eating it, you should be too.  Including toast, cereal, bagels, etc.  I don't know how you do this.
~have only one tooth on the bottom, and it's not even all that sharp!  It came through on New Year's Eve.  That is the latest any of my children have ever gotten their first tooth.  Congratulations, kiddo, you continue to amaze me.
~love to drink from a sippy cup--either a traditional spout cup, or with a straw
~love water
~love baths
~love to dance to music
~love watching Diego with Tirzah
~understand the concept of object permanence.  If you have it, and we take it away from you, you let us know (by a temper tantrum) that you know the object continues to exist.  Bummer!

I think one of the most amazing things of all about Obadiah is how much he is loved by his older siblings, especially Micah, Eden, and Caleb.  They adore him.  They all seek to help him, and all of the older kids would do whatever they could to protect him.  (Malachi and Tirzah don't necessarily have that concept down yet, lol).  I will watch their relationships with amazement as they grow into adulthood.  What a blessing Obadiah is to all of us!

[I have been having trouble getting my camera to focus.  I have no idea if it's user error or if something is wrong with my camera.  I've tried different settings, but it doesn't seem to help.  I don't have a whole lot of time to tink around with it.  So this is what you get.]


  1. Funny that our boys got their first teeth at the same time ;)

    And, I'm not seeing your focus issue... maybe because I'm viewing from my phone? Or maybe it's just your eyes that are bad. LOL

  2. I swear Obi thinks he was born around the same time as Izzy and Phoenix, not 4 months later. ;)

    It is probably your phone. They looked good on my camera until I got them transferred to the computer. The last picture has significant shake on it, but I sharpened it so it looks better. The third one down is a little blurry. Bryan suggested it may just be where I had my aperture set for that one. He's probably right. I'm probably expecting my $150 lens to do what a much more expensive lens would do. :P

  3. He IS a star! Wow! What a cute and talented boy!