Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow and other pictures

We have had a couple small storms come through...accumulating a dusting here and a dusting there.  Nothing exciting or worth writing home about.  :)  But it has added up to a *little* bit of snow on the ground.  On last Friday we had one storm roll through around noon.  The snow came down so heavily for just a bit.  It was fun to send the kids outside to play.  Imagine when you were in school...seeing the snow coming down and wishing you could go out to play.  This is one of those times when we are so glad we homeschool.  Out they went!

Zeke and a massive snowball
 Normally in January the temps are way too cold to make snowballs.  We have been blessed with warmer temps, perfect for packing snow.  The boys rolled up HUGE snowballs...but didn't make any snowmen.

Josh with 4 snowballs, though they are hard to see


Mitch, Zeke, Josh, and Malachi
 Mitch is reading some books with Zeke and Josh that he brought home from the library.  Malachi conked out.  So sweet.  I remember these same days when Micah, Eden, and Caleb were the little ones.  I didn't want to let that moment pass unnoticed just because these guys are "second string".  

 There's almost nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. 
Obadiah, Tirzah

 This past weekend the temps were colder and the snow was powdery.  We went out to Papa and Grandma's house so the kids could ride the snowmobiles. 
Obadiah, Mitch
 Obadiah doesn't have a big snowsuit (no need for it) or really any "extra warm" clothes, so he didn't get to play outside.  Mitch brought him out for a few minutes, and he loved the snowmobiles.  Hmmm...scared of the vacuum, loves the snowmobiles?  This doesn't add up.  Must be a boy.  ;)

 Tirzah was dismayed that the trampoline is "broken".  (It's inside for the winter.)
Eden, Paul

Eden just got her snowmobiling license a couple weeks ago!

Josh, Eden
This week our weather is going to be above freezing every day, so I'm sure our snow will melt.  I have been enjoying the warmer weather and even the days that were really cold were not so bad.  I can't believe February is just around the corner! 

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