Saturday, January 21, 2012


One of my most popular posts on my blog is one with free instructions for a pocket diaper.  I wrote them a loooooong time ago.  I've published several of my own patterns since then, as well as sewn over 1,000 diapers for sale!  I decided that the old faux fuzzis pattern really needed an update and some polishing.  So I did it.  I left it where it always was because it gets referred by a lot of message boards, but you can click here to go see it for yourself.

I am also in the middle of updating my regular patterns.  I want to make them available for download, so when someone purchases a pattern they can print it and get started sewing right away.  This means that I have to reformat the layout of the pattern for most efficient home printing.  I am also updating the pictures and text so that everything looks neat and organized and clean.  It's a lot of work right now, but in the future it will save me SO much time.  The worst part about all this is protecting myself from file sharing.  Once people have a digital copy of the file, what will prevent them from sharing it with friends?  Probably nothing more than their own code of honor.  I have decided that this is really the best thing for me to do, even with the risk. 

Add to that all my regular duties...and reading through the Bible in 90 days...and preparing for taxes (taking inventory, listing expenses, etc)...and you can imagine that my head is swimming.  Yeah, I'm pretty much not getting anything done.  :)

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