Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chasing Obadiah Around

Obadiah is BUSY!!!  He is all over the place.  Recently he figured out how to go down stairs.  The right way--not the "fast" way.  Thank goodness!  Here are some pictures where I chased him around for about 10 minutes.

Going down:
 Going up again:
Stopping to peek at mom:
 All the way up again.
 Now climbing on anything he can:
 And under the table looking for treasures:
 Back to that highchair:
 "Helping" mom with laundry
 Caught in a trap:
 Found another treasure:
 This is the magic button:
 Yay!  I did it!
 Of course, turning on the t.v. didn't make anything really happen.  So we turned on his favorite video on youtube instead (Elmo's Got the Moves):
Obi is good at jamming down to Elmo!

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